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Penny Per Click Frequently Asked Questions

I want to THANK YOU all again for purchasing my Penny Per Click guide!

User Success Story: This is Ryan’s experience with Penny Per Click, he left me two reviews of his progress.

I implemented it and at first it was very slow getting going, but then after 2-3 days of being live it just started to go and i went from a couple subscribers to avg. 18/day now! I have 38 subs. and it’s only cost me $1.34 (3.5 cents per sub…and i’m sure it will get cheaper, but for now, that’s great considering my other traffic source was costing me about 30 cents per sub.)Thanks for sharing this and it’s great to see a WSO actually produce results.Best,-Ryan.
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This flat out works…and works very well. The key thing is getting more volume which you can do with playing around with it an doing some extra work but right now I’m getting 30 optins per day at only 3-4 cents an optin. And now i’m starting to work on scaling this.Great guy to work with. Definitely has gained my trust which has been VERY few people on this forum. His landing page he gave to use is working well too. Converting at around 60% for me.Hope this helps someone else.-Ryan.


FAQs Updated April 7, 2014

Do I need a domain name for my landing pages?
VIDEO: How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insert On Landing Page
BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid!?
How to Expand your keyword list? Check comment section “expand your keyword list”
View below new conversion tracking video for optin ==> affiliate offer 

These are the most frequently asked questions I’ve been receiving via email.

I just want to point out that the Penny Per Click guide is for showing you how to get quality traffic for cheap. This is not a guide about teaching you step-by-step on how to do affiliate marketing, how to make money online, build landing pages, list building, creating sales funnel, and things like that.

But I will do my best to answer what I can.

What to include on your landing page?

Whatever you decide to do, optin landing page, presell page, or direct link. ALWAYS make sure these links are  present on the landing page. The links will be to these pages : Home, Contact us, Privacy policy, Terms. 

If you need to create privacy & term pages. You can copy the text from this site: Privacy , Terms

Remember! You need to replace with your own

Do I need a domain name for my landing pages?

Ideally, you will need you own domain. You can have 1 generic domain for all of your promotions such as

Then you can promote any kind of offers you want like:

Search on google for “godaddy coupons”. You can register a new domain for $1-$2.

Good Ad Impressions But Low Clicks?

If you are suffering from low clicks but have descent ad impressions, then you need to write better text ads. Copy & reword from top paying google ads. Always continue to split test your text ads (about 4-6 at a time). Aim for around 3% CTR (click through rate). 

Should you use single optin or double optin?

For me personally, I use single optin for list building using this traffic. Double optin is safer for spam compliance but you will lose a lot of potential subscribers this way. It’s up to you.

Campaign Budget, Accelerated or Standard?

Start with $5 daily budget to be safe. If you can handle more then do $10, $20, etc. If you want, you can use accelerated option (seen below) when you click on the “daily budget option”.  The accelerated option allows your ads to be shown as quickly as possible. The downside is, for example, your campaign starts running at nighttime in the USA, by morning, your campaign’s budget is reached and most traffic probably came from foreign visitors. So your campaign missed out on all of the juicy USA traffic during the day. 

The higher your budget, the better the accelerated campaigns work. This way your ad gets shown quickly throughout the entire day. Start small and raise your budget as needed.

If you are getting very low ad impressions, go ahead and use accelerated and increase your daily budget to $10+.


How long does it takes for ad approval and to start getting clicks?

It can take up to a day for approval. Once the ad is active, it can take another 24 hours for impressions and clicks to show up in your dashboard stats. I don’t think the stats are real-time so there will be some delay for sure.

How many keywords should I add per ad group?

Add as many keywords (broad and long tails) as you can, like 200+ keywords. Make sure the keywords make some sense to the offer you’re promoting. When using keyword tools like adwords keyword planner, manually remove keywords from your list that don’t belong. Example: for a diabetes keyword list. You wouldn’t want keywords like acne treatment, hair loss, or teeth whitening.

I’m kind of lazy when doing these ad groups, I would stick 200+ keywords in 1 ad group. This is not like Google adwords where you need 1 keyword per ad group to please the google god.

BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid!?

When you add keywords into your campaign, you might get the first page keyword treatment which will actually make your bids go skyrocketing high! 


Go ahead and add all the keywords you want and leave the first page bid alone for now, you can edit them later in the keywords panel.

To bulk edit your keywords, inside your keywords panel, choose to show keyword rows by 200 or more, it’s near the bottom of the page:

Next check the box to select all of the keywords, then click edit and select change current bid.

Then change bids for “Keywords”, and set bids to .05 or whatever you like. Make sure to do this to the other keywords from other keyword pages if they are set to “first page bid”.


Should you target both PPC search and PPC content?

Yes, start with $0.05 minimum for both. In certain niches, the content network will provide better conversions and more clicks.

How to setup  conversion tracking?

You can track for sales or leads. This way you can see which keywords produced the conversions.

To create a conversion tracking code click tools at the top right of the page inside your dashboard:


Then click campaign analytics.


Then click create goal.

create goal

This is the settings I use to track an email optin. The goal name is Optin, the conversion step is called submit form. I give it a constant value of 1 for every 1 optin. You can create goals for tracking sales for your own products/services and you can use whatever value you want as the sale price.


goal settings

Then click on the save and generate code. You will then see the tracking code.

You can also use any 3rd party tracking like prosper202 or bevo. It doesn’t matter what you use, you just have to use some kind of tracking.

Where do you place the conversion tracking code?

You would place conversion tracking code in your thank you page after an optin or a sale. A thank you page for example can be a page that your visitor sees after he completed payment for a product. The thank you page would contain the tracking code that triggers a conversion and reports that to your account and then you can see this conversion in your stats.

There can be different types of thank you pages. It all works the same way though, they all contain some kind of tracking code that triggers a conversion of some sort.

So for tracking email optins, some of you may choose to do this differently with your own thank you pages such as a thank you page giving away a free report or a confirmation page of some sort. You would simply place your conversion tracking code in that page.

Here’s what I do for tracking optin without a traditional thank you page since I want the visitor to be forwarded instantly to my affiliate offer after submitting the optin form from my landing page.

The video goes over the steps below:

This is now the technical part (if anyone know of a simpler way, do tell).

So everytime a visitor submits the optin form on my landing page, my optin form will then forward this visitor to the affiliate offer page. So here’s my settings inside my getresponse account web form settings area:


So the custom thank you page would be a URL that the visitor sees after submitting the optin form. This custom URL will forward to the affiliate offer like a clickbank product. The URL would be a page from my site, for example,

The page “redirect.html” would contain this code below. It’s basically my thank you page which contains the conversion code and will also redirect the visitor to my affiliate offer. There are different ways to do conversion tracking, and this is the way I do mine for redirecting a visitor straight to the affiliate offer after submitting the optin form.

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”1;url=AFFILIATE URL GOES HERE”>



Have a question? Please leave it in the comments below  so everyone can see it as well.

Thank you

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  1. Hello, In your guide under “To Build a List or Not” it states:
    “I wholeheartedly recommend it. You should build your own landing page with an email optin form when promoting any affiliate offer. The idea is to capture the visitor’s email, then automatically direct the visitor to the affiliate offer. Even if that visitor doesn’t buy from their first visit to the offer, at least you have his email address.”

    Sorry, but I’m new to this. Does this mean you do up a text ad and then send the traffic to the example landing page. Then when they enter their email, they are directed to the actual pre-sell page?

    I have never worked with an autoresponder, so just want to clarify. Thanks!

    1. Good question!

      Visitor clicks on text ad, then sees optin landing page, visitor then submits email, then visitor is redirected to an affiliate offer.

      The optin landing page is a squeezepage but can also act as a presell page. So there’s no need to forward them to another presell page.

      It’s really up to you, some people make money with optin landing pages, but I’ve also seen super HEAVY advertisers ($5k-$10k+ daily spending) doing nothing but presell landing pages.

      I recommend doing optin landing pages, but it may not work for everyone. So do what you are comfortable with.

  2. hi, I just bought your training and it says that you will give a landing page which is in the “landing page file” where I find that file?

    1. There’s a folder call “landing page” . The landing page is in there. Open index.html to view it.

      But you should read the guide first. Thank you

  3. If it won’t be of any inconvenience to you, can you please create a youtube video for “Where do you place the conversion tracking code?” so we can have a clearer understanding of how to redirect a visitor straight to the affiliate offer after submitting the optin form???

    Thank you.

      1. No probs Leon, since you are not available to coach I need to ask you a couple of questions here.
        1. Is there any specific reason why you are not using exact match keywords?
        2. How do you determine which keywords need to be deleted because they are not getting clicks and the non converting keywords even though they are getting enough clicks. Can you give us a guideline?

        1. Thanks for understanding, I just don’t have the time to commit to coaching students right now.

          1) Exact match is too limited. We want broad match and broad keywords. Broach match will make our ads show up more even when the keywords are not exact. Exact match is something you use when you know exactly which keywords are making you money and you only want to target these exact “money keywords”. Usually with exact match you will have to bid much higher.

          2) Actually, you can just pause any keywords that are costing you money and not producing any conversions. The ones with zero impressions, you can leave them alone or raise those bids by .01 if you like to test them out.

          So for most of my campaigns, I want the maximum CPA (cost per action) to be around $0.25 to $0.35. This means that I’m willing to pay up to $0.35 for 1 email optin per keyword. For example, if “keyword A” generated 29 clicks and costed me $0.45 total and generated 1 optin conversion, I would pause this keyword. If “keyword B” has 5 clicks and costed $0.18 total but generated 1 optin, then I would keep this one since it costed only 18 cents for an email optin.

          You have to decide what the maximum you are willing to pay for an optin or CPA is. If you promote higher paying products like $97+, then your CPA rate can be higher like $0.40+.

          The CPA is automatically calculated for you for each keyword. It’s shown in the CPA column to the left of your conversion column.

          1. Thanks so much for your reply. Do you have any plan to release another WSO or publish a kindle book where we can learn more about your Penny Per Click method. This WSO is just very brief in my opinion.

          2. Hi Dusty,

            The penny per click guide is mainly to show that bingads have quality cheap traffic that can cost less than a penny a click. And also that this traffic works in bringing in good ROI.

            I cannot possibly write a complete step by step tutorial on setting up domain name, hosting, teach people html to create landing page, how to setup optin form, split test, and all the other things associated with internet marketing.

            There is no single guide out there that will ever satisfy everyone’s needs.

            As I said before, I will do my best to answers everyone’s questions as they come up. But I cannot possibly include every possible scenarios or steps and pack them into penny per click which only cost $6 to users.

            But thank you for your suggestions. I may come up with a another guide in the future to teach people all the technical steps in an easy to learn format. Thanks

  4. Thank you for clarification on the first question. Just one other thing – how can a person track and monitor keywords and get rid of those that are not working? Is there some way to do this inside of the Bing account? I opened a Bing account, but cannot see this. Or, do you have any other products that teach a person how to do these things? Would gladly pay for a guide on this. Thanks again

    1. If you are looking for a wp landing page maker, I like optimizepress. There’s a bunch of others wp landing page makers or templates out there. You’ll just have to google them.

      I like using html landing pages better. I think it’s faster and much more flexible.

  5. Thanks a lot for the additional help. One thing I just thought of ….. If you send traffic to an optin landing page first (and then to the offer), does this make it OK to promote products that do not allow direct linking, or is this something you have to ask the affiliate manager for each product?

    1. Great question! Doing the optin landing page is a great way to safely promote affilite offers that don’t allow direct linking. Not only that, but for example, some affiliate offers’sites have exit popups and that will not be allowed at most PPC network. So using your own landing page, presell, or optin, is a major PLUS not only for optimization purposes but now you can promote more affiliate offers.

      You do not need permission to use optin landing pages to promote most affilite offers, unless the affiliate program specifically say “no email marketing” allowed.

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to promote some CB offers thru my own landing page/squeeze page/presell page but I also noted that after they have opted in and I redirect the visitor to the CB offer page, it also has another landing page of it’s own which is also asking the visitor to fill in their name and email before they can view more information. Is this the norm, meaning the visitor needs to do the email entering twice? And will that affect conversion? Thks for the support!


    1. It is NOT a good idea to setup an optin landing page that directs visitors to another optin landing page (squeezepage). The visitor will quickly hit the back button if they see two optin forms in a row.

      If you use a presell page, then that would be okay to promote the affiliate offer which uses a squeezepage.

      1. Hi, Thks for the reply. Then in that case if the CB offer has an optin landing page I can only use a presell page which cannot be used to capture my own optin susbcribers. Any suggestions how use my optin squeez page and also promote the offer cos the offer seems good.

        1. Okay I guess here’s something you can try that can grab the user’s email for your list and also promote the affiliate offer that also has a squeezepage LP.

          So you would use an optin landing page that offers a free report to the visitor for subscribing. After the visitor subscribe, he gets the free report first.

          Then in your autoresponder series, it will mail out the affiliate offer to your subscribers after a couple of days.

          This approach would look a lot better than having your visitors see two squeezepages in a row.

  7. Google keywords planner doesn’t provide many keywords in some niches. Where do you get more keywords from if you need?
    How many ad groups do you usually use?

    1. Google keyword tool is probably the best free one you can use. I’ve never really used anything else really. When you use google keyword planner, don’t search for too many keywords at the same time. Search for 1 keyword at a time.

      If you search for 10 keywords at a time, google keyword tool only reveals 800 at a time. But if you split the searches into 10 different searches, you may now see 8000 keywords.

      You can expand your keyword list this way by searching for keywords you’ve found while searching for other keywords. For example, if I search for “work from home” keyword. I may see another huge keyword like “affiliate marketing”. After saving all of the work from home keywords, I would run another new search for affiliate marketing. Then I might see another related keyword “paid surveys”, then I would do another search for paid surveys. So you can keep finding new keywords and expand your list easily this way.

      If you want to be more organized and expand your keywords, you can separate each adgroup into their own niche keyword list. Like one adgroup for work from home keywords, another adgroup for paid surveys, and another adgroup for affiliate marketing keywords.

  8. One more question – where do you place the conversion code if you send the traffic to the affiliate offer?

    1. You mean direct linking to the affiliate offer? Or Presell page and link to the affiliate offer? Well either way you’d use same kind of tracking.

      For clickbank offers, you cannot setup conversion tracking codes directly on these offers. Because the bingads conversion codes need to go on the thank you page, and you will not have access to their thank you page.

      To setup tracking in this case, you would need some kind of 3rd party tracking system such as prosper202 (highly recommended!), it’s free!.
      Basically, with prosper202 it will use the clickbank TID feature and track each keyword with a custom prosper202 subid. After you make a sale, you would check your clickbank analytics, export all the sales tid, and upload those to your prosper202. Then from prosper202 you can then see exactly which keywords made you money.
      This sounds freakishly confusing, I know. But to explain how to setup prosper202 and how to use it to track keywords, it would be like writing a 20 page guide. So if you want to try prosper202, its free, and they also have a bunch of tutorials already.

  9. Do you use negative keywords on your campaigns and if so, how? I finally got a campaign set up using broad keywords and when I go to add a few negative keywords, there’s only an option to add phrase match or exact match keywords; you can’t change it to broad match for some reason. This FAQ page has been very helpful – thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      Rarely I would use negative keywords. You can add negative keywords by clicking on the negative button in your keywords panel.
      I don’t recommend people use it though, because if you use it incorrectly, it may interfere negatively with your campaign.

      For example, with a dog food campaign, you may add these as negative keywords “cat” and “cats” in PHRASE format.

  10. Hi webmaster,
    I am confused about this sentence in your guide “Now I decided to raised my bids to $0.08 for PPC search and $0.12 for content” What exactly is this content you are talking about.


    1. For each adgroup you can set a bid for search and content network. You can do .05 for both when starting out.

      But as I get conversions and things starts getting profitable, I increase the bids for both search and network. I have to say that, there are a lot of cheap traffic in the content network, and I get a fair share of conversions from it.

        1. LOL, yeah”content marketing” is SEO traffic through great content.

          BingAds Content network is PPC for the ads displayed on websites instead of search network. Hopefully everyone gets this now.

  11. If you can possibly answer one more question……. speaking of content – do clicks on Bing cost the same on both Search & Content for a particular keyword. For instance, if Bing suggests that a word costs $2.50, does this mean it costs $2.50 on Search and $2.50 on Content as well? Or are costs on the Content NW generally cheaper? Thanks again!

  12. I bought your Penny Per Click WSO and I am working on it.

    I have had some problems setting up BingAds, first was because of pc cache, then it was with my payment method, and last on how to work the 5 cent bid.

    But these setbacks are part of life and the important thing is not quitting when things get tough.

    Reading this thread some people apparently don’t know how to setup a landing or capture page and seem to have problems with autoresponders.

    I wrote a very detailed autoresponder basic step by tiny step setup tutorial that has been very useful for many people.

    I wrote it using as demo TrafficWave autoresponder, but the basics can be used with any autoresponder: ListWire, Aweber and others…

    I giving it FREE!

    Leon, thank you for your WSO, at the price and what it does is excellent.

    Your friend,

    Luis Antonios

  13. Hi Leon,

    I need to find out this PPC ads is good for Product Creation. I got WP plugins that i need to do marketing. Does PPC helpful to sell software.


    1. PPC will definitely get you the traffic. Please don’t expect people to buy on the first visit. Capture their emails with an optin form!
      If you have a good original wordpress product, you might want to launch a WSO too.

  14. I used the penny click method and selected a little over 200 keywords,and selected all the keywords as broad match for an IM niche.I selected all my keyword bids at 0.08.When I checked my campaign the next day I noticed that I was charged an avg 0.72 cents a click.When I checked the keyword bids it shows that the bid prices increased dramatically for some of my keywords, it was if it was somehow changed to compete for first page bids.I am 100% sure that I selected 0.08 cents for all my keywords. Im not sure if I made some kind of mistake or that the bing ad system made some kind of change to my bid prices.This is the second time this issue has occured. Have you ever heard of this issue? Do you know what I can do to avoid this.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

    1. Hi Keith. In this FAQs page look for “BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid!?”. There you will find the answer.

  15. Leon I’ve never created a landing page before & don’t really understand HTML but I want to use the one you’ve provided with the WSO.
    How can I get it set up quickly & easily ?

    Also, are you still getting penny per clicks using the traffic source?

    1. You will need to learn how to edit html to use a landing page.
      I suggest going to youtube and search for “kompozer tutorial”. This is a free html editor tool that you can use to create and edit html pages.
      Check out this video tutorial on how to use kompozer.

      Yes, penny per click is still working very well. It’s a massive traffic source with all kinds of niches you can target.

  16. Hello” I want to ask you as you recomend in your guide to pick the broad match for kw campaign what do you think it wouldn’t be bad idea to pick all 3 match together “Broad” “Phrase’ and ‘Exact” for a campaign do you think this may provide better clicks and more targeting ?

    1. I wouldn’t try all 3 at the same time right away. I would first try broad keywords, then once I know which keywords are converting; then I would add these keywords as phrase match or exact match. You may have to increase your bids when you go with phrase or exact since it’s more specific and may result in more competition.

  17. Hi” I need your help seating up a campaign I’m still not clear BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid! ? you said “Go ahead and add all the keywords you want and leave the first page bid alone for now” so I need to make sure after we edit kw and and select change current bid are you recommend leaving first page bid still ? for search & content after we edit campaign and set kw bid $0.5 – $0.10 ???

    1. So at first when you’re adding the keywords, leave first page bid alone, for some reason BingAds just forces the first page bid onto the newly added keywords. Then after adding you’ve added the new keywords, you can then change all of the keyword bids to .05 or whatever you like.
      To do a bulk keyword change, follow the instructions shown above “BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid”.

  18. I need to ask you something very important about Landing Page I’m going to use for Bing campaign but not sure having this may get me account banned. First to ask you is OK with bing policy to have word “Guarantee” for the Landing Page Title for example “Discover the Acne Treatment that will permanently remove your acne in 3 weeks or Less Guaranteed” so having such a headline including word “Guaranteed” is this is against Bing rules or no ?

    Another question about using Scarcity tactic to increase conversion if I promote Bonus offer for sale is Ok to use such a scarcity to make people purchase for example “this is limited offer” ” This offer will be closed down by April 24 12 PM” “only 2 copies left Hurry before they Gone Forever” using Scarcity Countdown for example when people visit landing page they see scarcity Countdown 30 min Left before this offer expire OR 30 min left before this Bonus is Permanently closed down such a tactik can work well to increase conversion rate BUT I’m not sure is this is fine with Bing policy I need to make sure that this will not get you account banned. PLEASE REPLY… Thanks

    1. With bingads, make sure you include links to other pages at the footer, links like: homepage, contact us, privacy policy, and terms or server.
      I have used the “guaranteed” word in many of my landing pages. I have never had a problem with this, but I cannot speak for everyone.

      I am unsure of the scarcity tactics. I’ve tried this tactic with other networks like Leadimpact, and my landing pages were disapproved. So I don’t use this tactic with bingads.

      But you can see things like “this is a limited time offer”. But saying that you only have 2 left, or only 1 minute until offer expires, may not get your ads approved. I am not 100% sure.

      Getting banned with bingads is hard to do. I’ve gotten my accounts suspended multiple times, and then I’d contact bing support, work it out with them, and I’d get my account reinstated. Bingads support is extremely easy to work with.

      So don’t be afraid to try new things. But just don’t sound to scammy with your landing pages and product offers.

  19. I purchase your Guide Penny Per Click and today I find at warrior forum somebody took advantage of your original WSO and trying to duplicate it’s same exact method using Bing ads search & content network this guy took your original screen-shoot from Bing campaign that you reveal in your WSO and post at his tread claiming it’s he’s campaign you should report this guy to admin at warrior forum this guy should banned for being misleading, making false claims with the intent to financially injure innocent people, steeling your screenshot from your original campaign and claiming it’s actually he’s campaign here’s the tread –

    1. Thanks a lot Goran, what a great eye you have. It’s so scary at WF sometimes, there are plenty of scammers on there. Stealing the idea is one thing, but claiming the screenshots and campaigns to be his!? That’s just plain crazy and sick! I have reported this seller.

      And as a reward for being a good guy, I’ll send you $10 paypal. Contact me with your paypal email.

      Good will always win over evil. Always stay strong and positive my friends.

  20. Hello” Thanks for comment honestly I don’t need $10 I have a money I really appreciate it instead of $10 I request little support about PPV campaign at Lead-impact as I’m about ready to get started I have knowledge about PPV I know exactly how things work but need little support about CPA offer to be promoting I see for my self Huge potential with PPV Traffic…. that all I’m asking you nothing else also you can check at your tread Penny Per Click my Testimonial my Username is Radivoj you will find it at Penny Per Click tread. I will PM you soon at WF regarding question about PPV.


  21. Hi Webmaster

    i was created 11 campaign in bing ppc. when i want to test my campaign with bing add toll preview then it showd your add doesnt show because of duplicate keyword. have you any soliution about it? i am confused.

    1. I believe you can use duplicate keywords across multiple campaigns and ad groups, but you shouldn’t use duplicate keywords though, because you’ll be bidding against yourself and that can get complicated when you lose track and bid bigger later on.

      If you have duplicate keywords in an ad group, then BingAds will not allow that. Simply delete the duplicate keywords.

  22. Hi
    I am running a weight loss campaign through a funnel using your guide. I am getting 50 optins/day for $0.02/click as you say in your guide but many optins come from virtually all come from Nigeria, India etc
    My concern is that these users probably won’t convert as well subscribers from US/UK/Canda etc
    If I change the targeting in the setup to just show ads to users in targetted location only the traffic slows down to a tiny dribble
    I have around 500 high volume keywords in my campaign and I am bidding at 0.06
    Do you have any comments on this?

    1. Hi Pete,

      Okay let’s try to setup campaigns for each of the countries with location targeting: Show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location

      In the the text ad for each campaign, for example the USA campaign, somewhere in the text ad include: Free for people in USA.

      With this method you will cut down on the foreign optins or at least know which campaigns are bringing in more “quality optins”.

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