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The Top 3 PPV Advertising Networks


Pay Per View (PPV) is basically pop up advertising. You as the advertiser pay for each pop up ad. It’s a weird advertising medium but it can be super targeted. Advertisers can bid on keywords and URL to pop up their advertisements. So when a user searches for a keyword that you’ve bid on, this will trigger your ad or landing page as a pop up. If another user lands on a URL i.e., and you’ve bid on this URL, then this too will trigger your pop up ad.

PPV advertising is definitely not for newbies. Most people that have tried PPV have probably lost money when they just jump right in without having a proper game plan.

If you have no clue about campaign optimization, tracking,  and how to run split tests, then you are definitely not ready for PPV. For those that have mastered PPV advertising, making thousands of dollars a day promoting affiliate offers is not uncommon.

PPV advertising is some fast action traffic. For some keywords and URL, you can literally burn through thousands of dollars in a couple of hours easily.

 Here is my top 3 list of PPV Advertising Networks:


1) – This is my favorite PPV ad network in terms of traffic volume and conversion. I have been making some solid profits at leadimpact for a while now.  Minimum advertiser deposit is $1000


2) – Regarded by many as the KING of PPV ad network. From my experience the traffic volume is much lower than Leadimpact and has much more expensive bids (high competition). Conversion is very good. Minimum advertiser deposit is $1000


3) – What a weird name, 50 on red? Sounds like some kind of casino brand. Anyways, this has the same traffic quality as Trafficvance, so it’s very good. This is slowly becoming a new favorite among many PPV advertisers. Minimum advertiser deposit is $500.

There are other highly popular PPV ad networks like: mediatraffic, adonnetwork, and directCPV. But these ones, from my experience either don’t convert, or have such low volume that it’s just not worth it.

What offer works well on PPV?

The broader the offer the better. Such as game offers, dating, health, fitness, free stuff, weight loss, jobs, insurance, financial, and shopping offers. Offers that don’t require a credit card tend to do better.

I’ve posted a couple of profitable PPV case studies here:

Skincare Credit Card Submit PPV Case Study

Payday Loan Form Submit PPV Case Study

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    1. I’m from USA, so it was quite easy to get a TV account. You do need a reputable referral and a $1000 deposit though.

  1. Adtomatik is also an ad network. I’ve been using it for a year and the result couldn’t be better. The best service. I totally recommend it.

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