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PPV Marketing Credit Card Submit Case Study – Successful Skincare CPA Offer With PPV Traffic

Today, I will reveal a successful PPV skincare campaign that I’ve tested a few months ago back in December 2013. I will show you the exact skincare keywords I’ve used to make around a 500% return promoting this Skincare CPA offer that requires a credit card submit. 

The Skincare CPA Offer?

The typical credit card submit CPA offer pays anywhere from $20-$50+. To earn a commission, your visitor must make a purchase through your affiliate link. Credit card submit CPA offers are much harder to earn a commission on compared with form submit CPA offers.

The skincare offer I’ve chosen was the Auravie trial offer from Peerfly CPA network. This Auravie offer on Peerfly, pays $32.75 per sale in commissions.

The PPV Traffic Source

PPV is pay per view marketing. I use LeadImpact as my PPV traffic source for this skincare CPA campaign. 

Here’s what I’ve spent for Leadimpact PPV traffic on this skincare campaign for the month of December 2013. I’ve spent $69.80 and gotten 63 conversions. These are not the actual CPA Skincare conversions, these are my email optin conversions.


The 63 conversions are the # of email subscribers I’ve generated from this campaign using optin landing page. I would not recommend to ever do direct linking to CPA offers. Always use a landing page with an optin form. You want to capture your visitors’ emails so you can continue to push the same CPA offer to them for at least the first 3 days. Set up the email optin, so that once your visitors has subscribed, they will automatically be forwarded to the skincare offer.

Here are the top converting keywords with the most email optin conversions. As you can see, the skincare keywords are quite expensive to generate an email optin. I’m mostly getting 1 email optin per $1 spent. Most of my keyword bids are around $0.015 to $0.016. 


After 30 days, now I would just have to optimize and remove the costly keywords and my cost per email optin would go down tremendously. More optins = more sales.

30 Day Revenue

So in the month of December 2013, the PPV traffic costed me $69.80 and I’ve made $234.25 in commissions earned with 7 total people submitting their credit cards for an Auravie skincare trial. At first, I’ve promoted the $32.75 Auravie offer, then I realized that there was a higher paying Auravie offer at $35.25, so I started promoting that one instead. The higher paying one #9539 actually performs a lot better! Anyways, that’s why you see two different Auravie offers in the report below.


The profit is $164.45 for a 30 day period. Well, I’ve only spent about 3 hours total on it, so that’s not bad. Plus I didn’t even scale this thing up. Most of my bids were at bare minimums at 1.5 cents per view and some a little bit more. This is just a small test campaign that has a lot of potential. This case study is to show everyone that credit card submit CPA offers work just fine with PPV traffic.

If you want to try this campaign and increase profit, you should split test a couple of different skincare offers. Also, test different landing pages, and then increase the keyword bids to get more traffic. I would not expand to any other PPV network until you make a nice profit at Leadimpact first. 


You can go beyond skincare offers. Try other credit card submit offers, there are plenty of other trial offers.  Always ALWAYS use a landing page with an email optin form so you can capture emails and continue to push the offer even after the visitors left your page. And also, always bid the minimum PPV price and then increase slowly.

PPV is a huge traffic source and is very profitable across so many niches. You’d be surprise at the things that will perform well with PPV traffic.

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Leave comments/questions about PPV marketing and email list building with PPV traffic.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great info. Question, when I checked out the traffic source they want 1k deposit. Are there less expensive sources for testing? Or is there a work around?

    1. Leadimpact used to be $200, then they just recently changed to $1000 deposit about a few months back I think. I don’t think there’s a way around this. $1000 deposit is high, but it’s still your money, and you can withdraw it anytime.

      Anyhow, the top 2 PPV are leadimpact and TrafficVance. I’ve tried all the other cheaper PPV Networks: mediatraffic, adon network, directCPV, and they just don’t convert. MediaTraffic is a maybe. but the other two, don’t even bother.

      A lot of people say trafficvance is the best, but I think leadimpact is better. LI looks like it has more volume, the conversion is great, competition is less, and therefore the bid prices are cheaper.

      I’ve used all 5 of these PPV networks, and this is just from my experience. Leadimpact is worth it.

    1. PPV is WAY more expensive and is certainly not for beginners to mess around with.
      Penny Per Click method is much safer to use and just as profitable and can scale much easier.

  2. Thanks for doing these CaseStudies! Can you show us the landing page that you use for your optins? Also, what do you say in your email follow ups?

    1. The landing page for most of my PPV campaigns came from the Penny Per Click template.
      Just change the words and image to whatever you’re offering.

      In the penny per click guide I also talk about how I usually do my email follow ups.

      Email for Day 0, day1, day 2. I keep promoting the same offer to the subscribers. Then every couple of days after that, I would send some general tips or promote other related offers. I would usually setup the follow ups for 30 days.

  3. Great content!
    After day 2, where do you get the content to send your subscribers?
    Do you abandon your CPA offers lists after 30 days?

    1. For the first 3 days, I will continue to promote the same offer with my autoresponder email follow ups. After that, every couple of days I would send general tips and more offers. General tips like the ones found from ezine articles or wherever. I would also send out motivational tips sometimes too.

      After 30 days. You can add more follow ups or just send out an email blast whenever you have a new offer.

  4. Thanks for your case studies Leon, there great.
    Are your conversions coming from your email sequence or when they first land on the offer after they have submitted their details on your lp and get redirected to offer?

    1. You’re welcome Matt & thanks for commenting. I’ll have to say for this particular PPV campaign, about half the sales came right after the user opted in and saw the Auravie skincare offer.

  5. Hello Good case study I would appreciate i if you can answer me two question First:
    In this case study for 30 days doing PPV you spent in the month of December 2013 Total $69.80.

    So what do you think if you was spending $60 per day on PPV traffic do you think you would generate more traffic and opt it with higher daily budget ?

    Also do you think there is good targeting traffic to generate in another Skin Care Niche “Stretch Marks” BY using the Leadimpact ???

    I would be Thanks-full for your answer..Thanks

    1. I was doing a lot of experiments with PPV and other things, and decided not to scale this particular skincare PPV campaign. Rather than letting it go to waste, I just decided to revealed it here for free.

      I would suggest to start the campaign at minimum bids, split test your landing pages, run for about a week so that you can find the best performing LP. Then start bidding higher, how much money you can make depends on how good your LP performs. The more clicks or optins to the offer, the more money you can make.

      I have not try promoting stretch marks offer. If the offer has a trial offer under $5 similar to the Auravie offer, I think it could do well.

  6. Hey Leon,

    Great stuff as usual. You are the only marketer I know that provides this valuable insight. A few months ago I purchased an inexpensive course on PPV traffic. He was into list building and said he built 80% of his big list through PPV and his main PPV Network was Lead Impact. The course was great and was comprise of about 16 videos. He really got into depth about exact landing page size and how it absolutely has to grab peoples attention. I think he would have approved of your landing page. I remember he said the landing page should be not bigger than 800 pixels. Like you he got into exact details of bidding, etc.


  7. Hi Leon, thanks for this case study, I’ll share this one on my ppv case study collection post 🙂

    Did you write your email marketing yourself? or just copy and paste from offer’s creative?

  8. Peerfly has almost the same offers at this moment, but terms shows NO Email Marketing,NO PPV/CPV.
    Is it really important to comply these terms before starting PPV campaign with opt-ins? Is landing page with opt-in equal to Email marketing?

    1. If it says no PPV and no email marketing, then it is not a good idea to promote on leadimpact with optin landing pages.

  9. Hello Leon,
    Does you list have Confirmation email ON or OFF, I mean double opt in subscribers or single opt in subscribers.

  10. You think that is a good idea to start an PPV campaign for PPI?
    My network pay me 1.33 / US install….the main problem is AV’s detection, but even that i have a great CR ( 1500 cliks = 250 – 300 installs = 100$ – 140$ , traffic from US,UK,CA,AU.)…right now I’m working on Youtube and i need to scale up…that why i need your opinion.

    1. I don’t have experience in PPI + PPV, I normally work with higher payouts.

      But I figure, if you can get free traffic from youtube, why not make more videos and scale from that platform?

      PPV can be expensive for such low payouts. But to truly find out, you can run some campaigns and see for yourself.

  11. Very good study. Please, help me. You put the landing page to capture email immediately? or before you put a button and click here ?thank you

  12. dear Friend

    Thank you.

    for email/zipcod submit offer RECOMMEND use landing page (ever) and retrieve the email? but paid little?

    what type offer CPA recommend with cpv traffic and landing page (for emailing)? what type?

    Thank you very muchs


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