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Instant Link Indexer Discount + My 250,000 Backlinks List Bonus


I’ve been doing internet marketing since 2005 and like most people back in those days, I began with registering domains, then built websites, and lastly SEOed the heck out of them.

So needless to say, I’ve been doing SEO and link building for a pretty long time. I have never seen another tool like instant link indexer that works so fast in getting almost any link indexed by google in mere minutes!

Sites like CNN for instance, anything they post up will probably get indexed by google almost instantly within 5 minutes, I’m guessing. 

Now with instant link indexer, anything you post on your sites too can get indexed almost as quickly!

But the best use for instant link indexer is for indexing all of your backlinks.

Most of the backlinks that I’ve created in the past, rarely if ever even get noticed and indexed by google.

With instant link indexer, 70% of my  backlinks will actually get indexed by google.

So for anyone that does any kind of SEO & link building, I highly recommend instant link indexer.

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