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The Most Important Thing in OnPage SEO to Get More Traffic

onpage-seoSearch engines have gotten more sophisticated, they have gotten more intelligent. Google has taken SEO more seriously than a few years ago. AI (artificial intelligence) is now been deployed in the search engine optimization sector too so, what makes you think the old link building tricks you learnt some years back will sustain you in this fierce world of SEO?

Almost every other month, new algorithm changes are rolled out, people suffer, websites and blogs get affected. Do you think your site will hold up?

The most important thing in OnPage SEO that will withstand the test of time and endure ANY search engine algorithm changes has to do with the quality of your content.

Content is King – If you are still in doubt about this, you better find another business because SEO isn’t for you, wouldn’t be for you, and will never work for you. The foundation of any form of SEO is content. Problem is, are we talking about just content? No! We are talking about TOP QUALITY RESOURCEFUL CONTENT. If you cannot manage this, get someone who can, seriously, I am available for hire at the right price (Timothy). This aspect of your business isn’t negotiable. Get good content, and you shall be awarded by the search engines and your readers. Nothing will get you started in this new SEO run than that! Remember we are talking Onpage SEO, that means it is about what is on your webpage, that component you have full control over.

The fact is, good content has so many quality. Below are a few characteristics of a good content:

1.       A good content is enjoyable by the reader. Take it or leave it, the main purpose why anyone should put any form of content online is just so readers can read and enjoy it, and maybe learn a thing or two from it. If your content isn’t achieving that, you are wasting valuable time and space, simple! Fortunately or otherwise, search engines feel the same way. They want to index only top quality content and they have tools in place that will identify these good content and rank them accordingly.

2.       Good content is linkable. If your work is top notch, readers will not have a difficult time to link to it. They will be happy to share it with their friends – because the information contained is just that good, right!?.

3.       Quality content is sharable on social media. We are now in the age where acceptability is no longer judge within the reader but without. What I mean is, even the search engine try and see if your content is shared on social media. If it is, they assume you are doing a good job, if it isn’t, you probably are doing a poor job of it. You see, it’s a new world in 2014. Ever heard the words “social signals”

4.       Great content is keyword targeted. This is a bit tricky but knowing what keyword to target is very important to search engine and this form a very important part of your Onpage optimization. Heard LSI before? We will begin to see a better application of it now. A content with poor keyword targeted cannot be called great. Search engines will be confused on what to rank the content for. When this happens, the chance of a top ranking is slimmer than envisaged.

I have touched on just one factor that is capable of making or breaking your search engine optimization campaign. There are many more Onpage factors but they all take their root from what you do here. Get top quality content and you will have a solid foundation to get things started on. Fumble in this regards and you will lick your wounds for a long, long time.

Here are other onpage SEO factors to consider to further boost your SEO game. I got this image from

Want me to extensively cover the remaining Onpage optimization factors? Comment below. Your comments helps me to identify where I need to work on for my next work. If you don’t comment, you are saying that my content is bad, so, the question is, how bad is my content?

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  1. Yes content is king. But when writing quality content, do you still focus on one main keyword and write as much as possible on that keyword? without stuffing of course.

    1. You’ll have to find a balance. Normally it’s good to have 3-5 exact keyword in the article and some variations of it. Context is also important, so yeah, writing about the keyword, make sure it’s relevant to what you are targeting. Use images and videos too. 

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this great content.It is very useful and instructive.All the points that you shared above can be very helpful for gaining rank if they are followed properly.

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