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What is Content Curation? How Does it Brings You Traffic?

This post will be a brief overview of the term ‘curation

Have you ever visited the museum? You will notice that items are always arranged in a specific order. Normally, what the keepers in the museum do is, gather the specimens, sort them out, group them and then present them – that exactly is what curation is at the simplest form.

To see content curation in action, take a look at This news site have really distinguish themselves in this regard and are making the big bucks almost purely on the concept of content curation. What do they do? They look for a sensational story, pick it up, find a lot of recognized news channels who are known authority, and simply lift quotes from them. 

That is why big news websites continue to recycle news, lift quotes from top news agencies without fear of penalty. If the big boys are doing it, shouldn’t you?

So, in using the content curation strategy, you are going to be gathering interesting information from an interesting source that you would like to share on your own website. You will then sort this information out, include the best parts, then present the curated content to your audience. Curation is all about presentation of freely available information with a twist.

Using the case study of as an example, after they gather the news and pick the block of text they want, they then give their opinion on the subject. They see what AP says, check out CNN, BBC and Guardian then present the information gathered with THEIR own opinion. They don’t claim right to it. They acknowledge the original source and everyone is happy.

Content curation is a win-win relationship. It is not stealing. It is an ethical presentation of information. When you pick up a quote by someone to buttress a point, you have used content curation in its simplest form. It is not rocket science. As long as you put the link to the sources and not claiming rights to them, you will be fine. The original source will be happy, you will be happy and your readers will be happy.

In today’s world, where there is vast amount of information, content curation is the solution. It is important to have easily accessible information with credible opinions. A lot of marketers, bloggers, and webmasters in general have keyed into content curation, it is your turn!

What do you think about content curation? Will you use it? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Yes, thanks for writing (posting) about Content Curation, Leon. In a sense, all thinking and all writing involves a trace of content curation. I did build a Web site in this style. using a Pinterest theme… It is like a traveler’s guide to Australia and New Zealand, so you’d better come over and visit me in NZ one day, Leon. The curated site is linked to this comment. Thank you.

    1. NZ and AUS are some of the top countries on my list to visit for sure. I am thinking about doing a travel site too with curated content from pinterest and flickr. That’s for sharing your site 🙂

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