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The Top 5 Most Popular Webmaster Forums

This is 2014. I think it is time we updated the list of the top webmaster forums on the internet. I have taken a bit of time to dig into this and I hope you like what I present. I have not arranged this forums in any particular order because some of them didn’t reveal their total number of subscribers although, it is easy to see if a webmaster forum is lively or not based on the amount of activity going on within it.

If you are an active internet marketer, you can drive good traffic to your websites with forum marketing. WarriorForum sends me 2x more traffic than google.


Let’s get down to this, shall we?

Don’t doubt it, if you are not a member of this awesome community, you are missing out and leaving money on the table too! Agreed, I am sentimental but…

I just love this forum though. Look at the discussion board. There is a bit of eyeballs in here.

Want to see how big this is, get a look in!

No doubt, this is the king of webmaster forums! If you sell your own IM product or services, you definitely need to get involved with WF.

Here is another beauty. They haven’t disclosed the number of members they have (or I missed it?). From what I see though, the forum looks very impressive. Have a look:


It also have an active community judging by the number of threads in their boards.

Not sure about the strength of this community? This gives a picture of how strong this community is:

This is definitely a huge webmaster forum. This is the first webmaster forum I’ve ever joined back in 2007, and to this day I still enjoy this forum very much. 


Here is what it looks like:


And of course, the discussion board itself isn’t exactly bad. There are still large numbers of thread views.

Not too many forums can beat the blackhatworld. Aside from the warriorforum, this is the biggest gathering of internet marketing 6 figure/year income men that I know, correct me if I’m wrong. The site inspires ‘genius’. A class of its own.

I’ve seen some illegal stuff getting shared here from time to time, but it is nowhere near as bad as those “other” blackhat forums that straight up encourages sharing of WSOs, software cracks, premium themes, and such.


Here is the board. Have a look.


I can categorically tell you that the stats here are very comparable to WarriorForum.

V7N is not anywhere near as big as those other webmaster forums above, but it’s still an impressive forum. 


You really cannot argue with what you see. This forum is alive and strong.



I like what I see!


So there you have it.

5 awesome forums for webmasters to discuss, promote, and drive traffic to your  business at the same time, a WIN/WIN. If you know other webmaster forums that you belong to and want to spread the word, please add it in the comments. Thank you


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  1. Its really good to know of these forums where Internet marketers can make the most of their online promotion. Apart from Warriors Forum, I am not a member of any other forum.

    By the way, I am surprised to see BlackhatWorld in this list. Is it not a forum where illegal stuffs and strategies are promoted?

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. Hi,

    All are solid but Warrior wins far and away as for traffic, influence and gaining a rep. So many folks hit the site daily, every minute, so a world of networking potential awaits for any webmaster who works the network and creates value on WF.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting to know that these forums help internet marketers fulfill their marketing dreams just like great traffic for their business. This is a handy list. WarriorForum is the best, I must say. Proven and tested, greener pastor will be in your hand. Your post has been shared on, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

  4. Great to find such resourceful forums for supporting webmaster and internet marketers. Previously I was aware of Warrior and BalckHatWorld only, But through this post I explored some other great forums.

    I explored Digital point and found it really valuable. Forums posted here on various topics and there responses from the valuable members are just awesome. Some of the topics are well discussed with exploring the topic in details.

    I am enjoying the Digital Point platform. I recommend every blogger to explore these forums if they stuck on any issue regarding website/blog or marketing too.

    Thanks for sharing it here on

  5. Hey there thanks for posting these. I use the Warrior Forum a lot but just new to Digital point. I find I end up on black hat a lot when doing googke search but I had not heard of the other two. I also get a lot of traffic from the Warrior Forum

  6. Digital Forums seems to win the vote. I also like Wicked Fire; one that has a good following and great ineraction. Although I do follow along with the Warrior Forums and occassionaly go to BlackHat World, the exchange of ideas seems always to be geared toward the credibility of the poster with the end game being to win customers.

    Now gaining potential customers is the end game but so many forget to add the horse before the cart.

  7. I thank you for sharing such great information but I have always struggled to get the traffic from Warriorforum.

    Could you also share your strategy on how you get the traffic. I mean what kind of posts do you publish on the forum, or do you just comment on other people’s posts.

    1. One of the best way to quickly get traffic is to start some kind of thread at the forums.
      If not just comment and make posts on other threads.

      I use signature links, and an avatar that shows my site as well. Every little bit helps.

    2. One of the best way to quickly get traffic is to start some kind of thread at the forums.

      If not just comment and make posts on other threads.

      I use signature links, and an avatar that shows my site as well. Every little bit helps.

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