I’ve been working with clickbank since about 2008. I’ve been on both sides as a clickbank affiliate and as a clickbank vendor (digital product seller). Out of all ways I’ve made money, I’ve made the most with clickbank. However, there are some clickbank scams that I must warn you about.

A lot of the products on clickbank are legit and can genuinely help its users. However, there are some products that I highly advise affiliate marketers new and old to stay away from.

Clickbank Scam Products

Stay away from promoting forex, penny stocks, binary options, gambling and other related things. Sure these are high commission products, but they also have extremely high refund rates. Here are my results from promoting a binary options trading system on clickbank.


I’ve generated nine sales and out of those nine, five have already requested a refund. That’s a refund rate of 55%.

I’ve even purchased and tried a bunch of these products (yes I got sucked into the hype and wanted to see if I can make money with these systems myself). And every single system I’ve tested from forex to binary options trading, are all complete scams. The majority of these products if not all, just don’t work.

What are Good Clickbank Products to Promote as an Affiliate?

I have the most success with health & beauty products, fitness, software, selfhelp, and legitimate work from home clickbank products.

Again, don’t get suckered into the high commissions from these betting/investing type of products.

I will never promote them again.

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