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The Other Alternative PPC Ad Networks NOT Adwords & BingAds


Obviously Google Adwords is the biggest PPC ad network on the web, nothing else comes close in terms of volume and quality. 2nd place would probably be BingAds.

You should also know that there are a bunch of other alternative PPC ad networks that generate billions of impressions each month for dirt cheap PPC. I’m talking about alternative ppc ad networks like 7search, adknowledge, adside, findology, and looksmart.

With the alternative PPC ad networks, you can get cheaper clicks, there are less restrictions on affiliate offers, no quality score BS, and no permanent account termination for no reason.

Within the past year, I’ve tried just about every PPC network alternatives, here are my results.

The alternative PPC ad networks to avoid:

Looksmart review: They straight up suck! I tested some CPA email submit offers, received over 2000 USA clicks, and received ZERO conversions. 2000 visitors can’t even fill out a simple email to receive a free gift!

Findology review: Same story as looksmart. Thousands of visitors and none want free stuff?

Bidvertiser review: I can’t get this traffic source to convert. Low volume too.

Now here are the better alternative ppc networks:

adclickmedia review: I love this small little ppc ad network. The traffic is real, and I’ve gotten many conversions. The downside is that the traffic volume is very low.

Adknowledge review: Descent traffic for cheap. This is a very BIG ppc network. You will no doubt get  some huge traffic here. Traffic quality wise, it’s a hit and miss kind of deal.

Adside review: A little bit better traffic quality than adknowledge but way more expensive.

7Search review: Cheap and good. They actually have pretty good traffic that converts quite well with the free offers. The key here is to target very broad keywords, otherwise you’ll be getting peanuts in traffic volume. 

Pulse360 review: High quality traffic with expensive  CPC. Well it’s still cheaper than adwords though. This is a Premium PPC ad network. review: This is another premium network like Pulse360. But you can get cheaper clicks here. review: Possibly my Favorite alternative PPC Program!! The CPC is a minimum of 10 cents. The traffic volume is good and the quality is also good as well. I have promoted all kinds of clickbank & CPA offers with a lot of success here.

These are just my opinions from my own testings at these PPC networks.

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  1. Is there anything in particular you are doing at that’s different from Bing? I was getting about 40% opt-in on Bing with the same ads and landing page that I’m getting nothing from at Advertise…

    1. Sometimes an offer or LP will work for different advertising networks, sometimes it won’t. You’ll just have do new split testings for the new ad networks. I always resuse my landing pages though, but I just split test until I find one that converts or until budget spending is reached and move on.

  2. I have problems on Bing directlinking. Bing does not send me any traffic. Big loss in Impression Share.
    Clickbank offers directlinking. Can You please how to solve this problem from Your experience?

    1. Normally when bingads has a problem with my campaigns is because of the landing page. Make sure whatever offer you direct link to has other links on the landing page like links to privacy policy, terms of service, homepage, and contact us.

      Also absolutely no popups, or exit popups. Lastly, bing may not like the autoplay videos landing pages as well.

      1. Ok, what about SEO, do they take into consideration that? (I mean paid traffic)
        Which offers do You recommend in this case? (CPA offers or what)

        Maybe You can recommend me some type of a network for that?

        Because CPA offers I see are just Action optimized, they cut all the necessary. No Contact and so Forth.

        1. With SEO traffic, you can promote anything you want CPA, clickbank, or whatever. It just takes time to build an SEO optimized website. If you can do SEO yourself, this is long-term free quality traffic. The best kind of traffic, right up there with email marketing.

          These are the ad networks I like very much: adwords (not affiliate-friendly though), bingads, leadimpact, trafficvance, 7search, and

          1. Yes, Thank you.
            I mean which offers do You promote on Bing?
            Is it CPA/ Clickbank?

            Do You directlink?

            Thank you,

          2. I do both CPA and clickbank with bingads.

            I rarely directlink nowadays.

  3. I just purchased your Penny Per Click Vol 1 and 2 bundle. What are you using these days instead of direct linking?

    Also, do you have any tips on how to create effective Bing ads?

    Thanks very much,


    1. Hi Mark, Thanks for purchasing PPC1 + 2. BingAds is still my number 1 paid traffic source. I do a mix of direct linking and Landing pages.

      You talking about Writing text ads? You don’t have to be a good copywriter at all.
      I kind of just randomly throw a few text ads up.
      You’d just never know what’s a good ad until it’s been split-tested.

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