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Internet Marketing Survey/Poll For My Subscribers

Time to get to know my subscribers. These are public surveys/polls, so the results will be displayed instantly and everyone can see them. Be sure to check back soon to see the updated results!

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Thank you! Be sure to check back soon to see the updated results!

Feel free to leave comments for questions and suggestions.


  1. je n’ai pas encore trouvé la bonne direction et je n’ai pas d’experience et j’ai niveau d’anglais bas .

    “I have not yet found the right direction and I have no experience and have low level of English”

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment, even if it’s in French 🙂

      Doing internet marketing with a low level of English will be hard. But I have seen many non-English speaking people succeed online through: blogging, youtube, and social media.

      Just take action, and learn as you go.

      1. I have written a book on self development. I released a few chapters as articles.
        and also on my new site, I have had an app developed and I have put some
        articles on the new format for iphones and tablets. (waiting for approval from Apple)
        I do Reiki Healing and I have also been a speaker for local business about getting
        started on line, But my speaker events finish this year. I am retiring from that. now
        after 20 years I don’t just do Reiki, I have been running my own on line businesses
        for over 20 years.

        The apps I had developed were primarily for facebook some of them could be
        run from a WP site. 12 in total. On the day of Launch on JVZ I had a stroke and
        missed it BIG they are still out there, but I want to get them out again, but not sure how.

  2. I have been using Bing trying FB and Pinterest soon. I use prosper to track , LEAD PAGES for squeeze pages which I am cancelling soon, Get Response so I have all the tools problem is with PPC and CPA. I collect emails, send them to the offer give them freebie but no sales! I send follow up emails selling send more freebies no sales. Right now my CTR in bing is almost 5-10% lead pages it’s 4% but I find my price per subscriber is to high at 2.50$. I know the recipe for emailing but I can’t write articles everyday due to time constraints but I work hard and try. I got a lot of bounce emails I track my keywords change my ad texts squeeze pages still not! I know about targeting but doesn’t seem to work. My niches are weight loss and dating/relationships! Not in IM make money online niche yet like you because I’m not ready for that. I just want to know what’s the “secret sauce” for PPC. My bids are mac the commission of the product. I usually see a keyword with lots of clicks but when I make a sale it’s not from that keyword. I see a lot people making 3000$/week with BING alone. So money is in the list but how do I convert that list. Also trying to learn about if solo ads is good like safe swap. So it’s been only 8 months now but I am all setup I am serious about this I get so many WSO but it’s all the same BS. 3 simple steps to this which I am doing I just need to crack the ” code” I guess

    Next step is getting rid of lead pages to expensive can’t modify much and getting my own site with instabuilder as I don’t write much not fast enough in HTML or css
    Thanks Leon your a good guy!

    1. It seems like you got all the right tools and the right mindset for IM.

      You are targeting some very competitive niches: weight loss and dating.

      To make long term money, you need to build some long term assets.

      So for example, for me being in the IM niche (but this can be applied to all the other niches), my long term assets….
      I built various websites about IM (,,, I create and sell IM products; and all of this leads to the building of my email list, which I promote my own products and affiliate offers.

      Here’s an example of another VERY SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketer that you can copy after.

      This site looks like an authority site, with pro designs, and they promotes quality content with affiliate offers. They bid huge for PPC clicks. This is the perfect example of affiliate marketing with long term assets = long term success.

      There are many strategies to affiliate marketing, if one method doesn’t work, try another method. Or even different niches, sub-niches, micro niches..etc.

  3. My biggest hurdle is how to promote CPA offers effectively with keywords.
    Another problem for me is if I don’t have any interest or knowledge how can I promote them?

    Also, most of the offers I see look really deceptive eg: miracle diet products or win a Ipad stuff. How do I research if these offers are legit?

    Hope you can help.

    1. It’s hard to tell if an offer is legit or not. Most of the time, I normally just make sure that the offer contains some kind of “30 day money back guarantee”. I always make sure that my buyers can get their money back if they are not satisfied with the offer.

      I rarely promote those $1 email submit offers unless my traffic is super cheap.

  4. Hi Leon,
    Time and time again list owners (as you) are surprised by the fact that most of the people on their list are long-time beginners who aren’t making money.
    List owners generally move too fast to the next levels or (worst yet) next products… Each product is promising those exact beginners the “holy grail”… In reality, not only are these products causing information overflow, they’re also creating non-stop-long-term beginners, thus excellent buyers.
    Information overflow are, in my view, caused by somewhat outdated/unsupported products that only add more confusion to beginners.
    Normally, a list owners’ ambitions for growing their list and making more sales are greater than following up with the active ones from their list whose only problem is that they’re left behind by IM’s raging pace… On the other hand it’s impossible for gurus to be available to everybody or else they won’t make enough money.
    I suggest you create a mechanism (AN INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE/AUTORESPONDER) which helps you follow up with EVERYONE on your list so that those who unwillingly fall behind won’t come as a surprise to you!
    Time after time, I’ve seen promising IM entrepreneurs who start as genuine teachers/coaches, dedicating themselves to helping beginners… only to finish by becoming unattainable by the majority of their list. Ask too many questions to your guru and he/she’ll wipe you off the list because you’re too annoying or slowing down. I guess you’re still somewhere in the middle and have a fairly good contact with your list. The question is: How efficiently and for how long?
    Forgive me for being blunt. I AM one of those beginners… and if I become a successful list owner, I’ll probably be no better than those list owners I mentioned.

    1. What you said is very true!
      Growing a big email list will probably cause one to lose touch with his subscribers.

      What you are asking is possible if the guru charges a higher price for his products, so that there will be less buyers, but they will receive a higher level of support/guidance.

      For $5-$7 WSO products, it is not possible to get personal support and guidance from the gury, especially when there are hundreds and thousands of buyers to take care of.

      As a matter of fact, I plan to do a 30 day premium class in the future, this will include more follow-ups with my buyers and with more support/guidance.

      But the only way I can afford to provide this level of support, is to charge a higher price for my products.

      Thank you.

      1. True. Pricing is a balance between quality and quantity. I was mostly expressing myself in general terms. Your support and responsiveness is already way better than most, let alone your free Take Action to Success System forum which is mind blowing and a perfect supplement to your struggling subscribers. Glad to be on your list Leon.

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