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JVZOO vs WarriorPlus – Which is Better to Sell Your Products?

Let’s do a little comparison between WarriorPlus vs JVZOO. I’ve been selling ebooks, software, graphics, and all kinds of infoproducts on these two platforms for years.
I started with Warriorplus first, so I have a bigger following here (8498 followers). I’ve been on the WarriorPlus top 10 most popular seller’s list for the past year and a half.
On JVZOO, I only have a following of 638 customers. Since they’ve implemented new restrictions on sellers (Minimum selling price of $17 to appear in the marketplace and other things), I’ve had a really hard time selling anything on JVZOO recently.
Between the two marketplaces, I think big product producers choose JVZOO over warriorplus. I’ve seen way more huge launches (six figures launches in sales) on JVZOO than warriorplus. I see a lot more software launches nowadays and mostly are on JVZOO.
For ebooks and video training systems, I see more of these launches at WarriorPlus. 
Both WarriorPlus and JVZOO does manual approval for new products though. Which is good to prevent spamming and reducing competition at the marketplaces.
Which is Better? WarriorPlus vs JVZOO
For me, I like WarriorPlus more since I’ve used it for a longer period of time.  I think WarriorPlus is easier to use and to sell on.
I highly recommend to SELL AT BOTH WarriorPlus and JVZOO and see the results for yourself!
But, if I had to choose one platform to start, I would definitely choose WarriorPlus since there is no product price limit to appear on its marketplace. Which means you’ll have free traffic from the marketplace seeing your new product listing. Also, Warriorplus has a little less competition in my opinion.
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What do you think? Which is your preferred platforms/marketplaces to sell on?
Have a question on selling at WarriorPlus or JVZOO?
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