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Free Kindle Training Guide – How to Self-Publish Your Own Books- Passive Income

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In this free Kindle Money Guide, you will learn:
 How the Kindle ecosystem works and how to thrive in it
 How to create and publish your own books
 How to navigate the (sometimes confusing) taxes, commissions and legal aspects
 How to promote your ebooks
 How to handle reviews
 How to use basic ‘SEO’ to make your books easily discoverable
 How to price and package your books for optimum sales
 How to create ebooks quickly – even if you don’t know how to write
 How to ‘future proof’ your business against future changes
 How to diversify and appear on other ereaders

Even if you don’t have any prior experience making money online, running a blog or creating
content, you’ll be able to create something quickly and easily and have your own book getting
downloads and making money on Kindle within days.


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