PODKASTR – World’s first A.I-Powered Podcasting Marketing Solution


Normal Price – $1497/YEAR


Only $67.00 One-Time


Did You Know? Podcasts are a $95 Billion industry with 425 Million active users daily?

Introducing Podkastr! This is powered by Artificial Intelligence and is the world’s first 6-in-1 Podcast Creation and Hosting Software.

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With Podkastr, your podcast can reach millions of listeners on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts Index, Google Podcasts. Amazon Music, Stitcher. HeartRadio, Overcast. Castbox.

Podcasts are usually time-consuming to make, edit and publish. This is why podcasting isn’t so popular with internet marketers. Podkastr A.i app solves this problem by making podcasting easy.

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Podkastr App features:

  • Podcasts can be created in more than 100 languages and over 100 voices that sound human-like.
  • Translate any podcast into more than 100 languages
  • Any Ebook can easily be converted into a podcast.
  • Any article can easily be made into a podcast.
  • Any Youtube Video can converted into a podcast.
  • Record podcasts right from the app.
  • Embed podcast episodes available on any webpage
  • Embed podcast episodes into your emails.
  • Autoshare podcasts are available on all major social media platforms
  • Create responsive podcast pages
  • Build Unlimited Email Leads (directly connected to all Major Email Sender services/Autoresponders).
  • To generate traffic, you can distribute your podcast to more that 20 Top Podcast Listing Directories.
  • Podcast Index. Google Podcasts. Apple Podcasts.
  • Use the built in Job Finder Engine for high-paying gigs in podcast creation, distribution, and hosting

Hurry Though! Prices are currently on sale during the Podkastr launch period for a short time.

30-day money-back guarantee. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself!

30 day money-back guarantee. Try it out risk-free!


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