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SEO Holy Grail – Updates – Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Holy Grail Updates Page

Thank you all again for purchasing my SEO Holy Grail guide. If you find my guide useful, please leave a testimonial at my WSO warriorforum thread here, I really appreciate it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to post to BAS sites and track affiliate links?

 You can also download the same video here if you like, click here.

You should have already read the main guide and the main videos first before watching this video seen above.

There are many affiliate cloaking and redirect tools and codes on the web. I just like to keep things simple and use the redirect code below. Just copy it to notepad program, paste in your affiliate link, and save the file as a .php file. Then upload to your hosting account.

header( ‘Location:’ ) ;

*Make sure to test your link by visiting the page after you upload to your server.


  1. Hello, Nice tutorial, but you did not tell where exactly to post PHP code in our site/hosting (where exactly? can you please make a short video about that??

    1. Hi,

      To upload php file, please go to youtube and search for “how to upload file to server with filezilla”. There are plenty of tutorials on those.
      If you are using cpanel, you can also easily upload files using your cpanel file manager.


        1. I’m not sure Alex even knows how to upload files, thats why I told him to look at the tutorial videos.

          The where part, he can put it anywhere in his public_html (which could be called something else depending on host) or inside a newly created folder.

  2. Hi, Thanks for adding this video. It was very healthful. I was wondering if you could make a video on how to add a review to Goodreads as I can’t figure out how to add a book/review. There currently isn’t any help on YouTube either.

    1. I have not personally use goodreads myself, but I believe to post your own books and reviews, you can do it as an author:

      This can be a little sneaky, but I’ve seen many top affiliates using this to earn big bucks, so do it at your own risk.
      It is free though!

      Remember guys, it’s a numbers game.
      If one BAS site doesn’t work, go to another one.
      Track your links and see which one is giving you the best results.

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