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Case Study #2 WSO Of The DAY – Tips & Tricks to a Successful WSO Product Launch!

About 10 months ago, I released my first ever WSO guide called Penny Per Click. That was my first WSO Of The Day (WSOOTD) award and since then have sold over 2000+ copies.  After that I’ve released 4 more WSO guides, but each has never gotten the WSOOTD award. But finally now I have gotten back to the top with my #2 WSO of the Day with the SEO Holy Grail guide.

WSO OF THE DAY 11/20/2014


Why is getting the WSO Of The Day award so important?

90%+ of all WSO launches uses a payment processor call WarriorPlus. What makes WarriorPlus a wonderful thing is that it is not only a payment processor, but it’s also a WSO marketplace, and a huge affiliate network in itself.

Each day, WarriorPlus will feature a WSO on it’s entire website showing just 1 WSO, and awarding it the prestigious WSO Of The Day award. The featured WSO, will now be seen by thousands of people visiting the marketplace, and checking out the new WSOOTD. On top of that, this will attract a tremendous amount of affiliates as well.

The results can be thousands of dollars in additional sales within 48 hours!


 So… 2 Out of 6 of My Guides Have Gotten the WSOOTD, What Did I Do Differently This Time?

Is it a numbers game? The more WSO you launch, the more chances you can to achieving the WSOOTD award?

That is absolutely true!

BUT! You need to follow a few simple rules that I’ve learned over launching of my 6 paid WSOs. So if you plan to launch your own WSO, here are a few tricks to really make your WSO launch a winner! These are the things I’ve used on this WSO launch myself.

My golden rules of WSO Success:

  • WSO must have a good name. The crazier the better.
  • You MUST use WarriorPlus
  • Try to price your WSO using a dimesale (so that after every purchase the price will increase). This creates urgency and can increase your conversion rate. Usually a dimesale starts around $5-$7.
  • You MUST have at least 1 upsell. This can bring in more sales for you and your affiliates.
  • You should offer at least 75% commission to affiliates and 100% commission to WarriorPlus.
  • You should setup an affiliate contest (warriorplus free feature). Just give the top 3 guys some cash prize money such as $100 to 1st place, $50 to 2nd place, $25 to 3rd place. 
  • You must alert your list (if you have one) and contact affiliates at least 5 days before a WSO launch. Then email them all 3 days before launch, the day before the launch, and on the launch day!
  • DO NOT accept affiliates that do not have good sales record. Their conversion rate history should not be below .5% and higher than 7% refund.  To be eligible for WSOOTD, your WSO must have a good conversion rate, so you do not want bad affiliates that send you cheap bulk traffic that will ruin your conv rate and thus destroying your chance of a WSOOTD.
  • Lastly, provide at least a 30 day money back guarantee.  Give buyers the confidence to make a purchase and this will boost your conversion rate!

Remember guys, I’ve only been launching WSOs for 10 months. If you have any kind of unique tips and tricks or shortcuts that can be beneficial to internet marketers, you can definitely turn it into a WSO guide. It’s not hard to launch, once you’ve gotten the guide created.

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  1. Thanks for posting the tips Leon. Sure I am not the only one who appreciates it.

    I’ve done like 4 WSO’s and they have not made me rich, but I have always covered costs and some have done well, so not all bad. Course, no WOTD.

    Seems to me the big key is, what is in it for W+. Good or bad, seems the profit potential is the big key.

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