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[Updated 8-16-2014] Penny Per Click Version 2.0 Launch + WSO Case Study #2

In my original WSO case study, where I’ve launched my first ever WSO guide Penny Per Click. I’ve made a whopping 1000+ sales in 2 weeks. That was back in February 21, 2014, I had ZERO JV contacts, ZERO affiliates, and a tiny email list!

Now after about 5 months, I just launched Penny Per Click version 2.0 (August 8, 2014!). Will it be as big as the first launch? Now that I have a couple thousand customers on my email list as well as JV affiliate contacts? 

Click here to view my Penny Per Click 2.0 WSO at WarriorForum

I’m making a case study out of this WSO launch whether it’s a hit or miss, win or lose, the results will be posted here along with the steps I took for this WSO launch. 

August 8, 2014
I launched Penny Per Click 2.0 today, using WarriorForum WSO. I launched it on the WarriorPlus payment platform. I’ve also create an exact copy of the salespage to launch on JVZOO. 
I also contacted about 20 affiliates that’ve promoted and made sales for me.
I also sent out an email blast to my 2000 customers about this launch. I use the A/B split test with a 1 hour duration.
It’s only been less than 2 hours, but sales are pouring in.
Currently converting at 15% – 17%.
So far so good. 
August 9, 2014
My mistake when launching this WSO was not alerting the affiliates earlier on and providing them with access to the affiliate page to sign up early and blast their email lists during the launch. Some affiliates may be jam-packed with promoting other offers and have to squeeze my offer in, and won’t be ready to blast until a couple more days. So it’s the waiting game. So far, about 20 affiliates have signed up.  
Today got awarded 10 top WSO of the week by WSOscout
Currently converting at 10%
August 10 – August 12, 2014
Sales are steady at 20-30 a day. 5 new affiliate sign up per day. 
What I’ve learned. Don’t approve bad or unknown affiliates. They send bad traffic (a LOT) and drive conversion rate down and that will scare away some potential affiliates. My WSO went from a conversion rate of 15%, now it’s hanging around 5%, all because of 1 bad affiliate sending 1000 hits with zero sales. So, only approve good affiliates that you know have made sales before.
August 13, 2014
Surpassed the 200 sales mark today. More affiliates are sending traffic. Conversion rate is about 15%, even though showing 5% ( it takes just 1 bad affiliate sending bogus traffic to ruin the conversion rate).
August 16, 2014
After 7 days, PPC 2.0 has 225+ sales and $2000+ in sales (About half went to the affiliates) . So the biggest difference between this PPC 2 launch and the previous PPC 1 launch, was the fact that PPC 1 was awarded WSO of The Day. That makes a huge difference. WSOOTD can still happen though, one can only hope. 

Want to promote Penny Per Click 2.0? 

WarriorPlus Affiliate Page

JVZOO Affiliate Page


  1. Very nice blog/website you have Leon! I just bought your PPC 2.0 and I’m about to start Part 4 but thought I’d take a break and tell you that I really like your course and the pace at which you teach. I chose to try PPC again with your course because you’ve taken the time to break it down for us and make this less complicated. I appreciate that. You’ve separated the first step from the rest of the process so that I can focus only on learning PPC, not landing pages or listbuilding. For the first time ever, I now know how the tracking works for Prosper 202! With other courses, I didn’t understand where the keyword came from or how to set it up to accept a tracking ID. Thank you! Even other videos on YT didn’t explain this very well. For me, setting up PPC ads and tracking them is complicated enough for now. But I was curious, in your example of spending $45 and making $117 in three days, would you be able to scale this to $450 in ads and $1,170 in profits in 3 days? As you can see, I don’t know what is scalable in PPC ads, but thought I’d ask. Needless to say, I’ll be leaving a great review for you on the WF. Thanks for a great course. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you come out with.

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words. Besides making money launching these WSO, hearing that my products help people in some way really makes me jump for joy!

      When it comes to scaling campaigns, it’s not just increasing your bids sky-high to increase profits. You would slowly raise it a few pennies at a time and check every couple of days. Until you optimize and find the optimal profit range. Up to a certain point, a campaign can only be scaled to a certain maximum profit before it start to lose money. So it’s not simply saying if I can spend $50 and make $100. I can put in $500 and make $1000. If only it was that easy 🙂

      But the good thing is, once you’ve optimized and found that optimal profitable campaign, even if it makes say $800/month max, it can last for a very long time with little work to maintain the PPC campaign.
      Thanks again!

  2. I just purchased PPC 2.0 the other day. I signed up for a Bing Ads account along with signing up with Peerfly and Neverblue…I already have a Clickbank account. I have had some success already with clickbank by promoting the offers through apps on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. When Google changed their TOS, my developers account was closed and so ended my commissions on Clickbank. I am a bit hesitant and or conservative when it comes to paid traffic…mainly because I have zero experience in this area..and afraid I may lose money or get burned..Your wso seems on target…I just hope I can make a profit.

    1. Thanks for purchasing!
      If you have little experience with PPC, start with a low budget and low bids, then slower increase as you go. Make sure to watch the videos carefully and follow along.

  3. While viewing your videos and pdf, I noticed that you used broad match type for your keywords, from other articles that I have read that type of match type does not seem to be very targeted, you may get lots of traffic but I am not sure how well it converts…are you going for high numbers of traffic from the broad match type with the hope that some of it will convert and also cheaper cpc? The conventional thinking would be phrase or exact match type is more targeted and would therefore bring in the right kind of vistors and therefore converting traffic..or is the whole point of PPC 2.0 is to go with broad match types and hopefully get lucky with the right keywords?

    1. In my guide I suggest going broad-match first than homing in on converted keywords with the phrase and exact-match.

      I like going broad first because I normally add in 200 or so keywords. With broad match, it can actually be like having 1000+ keywords since my ads will get triggered for related broad terms. Which is okay, these are terms that people are searching for, and they see my ad, and if interested, then click on my ad.

      These extra keywords will be tracked with prosper202.

      Some of these keywords can be money makers that I wouldn’t have ever thought about adding to my keyword list manually.

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am using BevoMedia but had not used the keywords that bevomedia had tracked so I had missed out on those opportunities. I have learned alot about PPC thanks to your WSO, maybe you could create PPC 3.0..or maybe mobile CPA?

    I am going to start over with some new campaigns and more tightly focused adgroups and keywords. So far in almost 2 weeks I have only spent around $10 bidding very low (.05-.22) for my keywords..although it might be too low because for the most part I have not got enough traffic to determine what keywords work the best..except for a few broad keywords ie anti aging which gets alot of traffic but no conversions whatsoever on clickbank.

    1. Keep it up. Try increasing your daily budget slightly and also make sure to use “accelerated” campaign budget settings to get clicks faster.

      Always split test your text ads to increase CTR, which will get you more clicks.

      Lastly, make sure to have around 200 or more keywords per offer.

  5. Hello Leon,

    Thank you very much for Penny Per Click 2.0!

    I am just starting and am wondering if direct linking works better for lower end items (or zip submits)? The CPA network I am using mostly has offers that are $30+.

    Thank you,


  6. Hi Leon,

    Thanks for the answer above.

    – How do I get a Bing campaign to run at a specified time? lets say I want my ad tor start running at 6am. Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you,


  7. Hi Leon,

    When I checked visitor history at Prosper202, for my Bing campaign, most of click are filtered out click, can you please explain why and how can I avoid that things.

    1. The filtered clicks you see in p202 from bingads are mostly bots and fake clicks. These clicks will not be charged and are not displayed from your bingads dashboard. But p202 probably recorded all of these clicks anyways.

      In rare cases, some of my customers experienced hundreds and thousands of extra clicks from bingads seen inside p202 but not at bingads dashboard.

      I’m not sure you can avoid this. But usually, the click discrepancies are not too far off each other.

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