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Penny Per Click 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions + Tips

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pay You To Setup Prosper202 For Me?

I charge a standard $19 for installing prosper202 on your hosting server. 

Can I use other PPC Tracking tools?

There are other PPC Tracking tools out there, some are free and some are paid. You can use whatever you want. Prosper202 is something I’ve used for many years, and it’s something I highly recommend to all of my customers.

How many PPC campaigns should I create to make money?

Create a few campaigns a day. Get to the point where you have 20 – 50+ campaigns. It only takes 1 really good campaign to bring in $50 per day. The more campaigns you have, the better your probability of finding that $50 or even $100+ per day campaign.

What are adgroups? And how many adgroups should you create for each BingAds campaign?

An adgroup goes inside a campaign. You can create multiple adgroups in 1 campaign or have just 1 adgroup for 1 campaign. I recommend having no more than 5-10 adgroups per campaign.

EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN: Clickbank Health Campaign, and in this campaign I would have 5 adgroups where each adgroup is a clickbank health offer.

What keyword match-type should I use: Broad, Phrase. Or Exact?

Example keyword: web hosting

Broad= VPS hosting, website hosting, and a bunch of other broad hosting keywords.

Phrase= Must contain “web hosting” in the keyword like: “cheap web hosting” or “dedicated web hosting”.

Exact= web hosting

When creating new adgroups or campaigns, I use broad keywords.

After running my PPC campaigns for a while, I would then set my high converting keywords to phrase-match or exact-match. But, I would also increase my keyword bids at the same time for these keywords. Because, when you phrase-match or exact-match, your targeting becomes smaller but higher in quality and competitiveness, therefore, you must increase your bids.

That’s just how I normally run my keywords.

Other PPC marketers may choose to only use phrase or exact-match from beginning to end. Which is absolutely fine, it’s going to get you quality clicks from the beginning, but you will likely have to bid higher then with broad-match if you want to see any clicks.

So in a way, I like to test the waters with broad keywords, then hone in and use phrase or exact-match once I’ve found my winning keywords.

When to pause an offer?

If you get 100-150 clicks total in your adgroup or spend 1 to 1.5 times the CPA without a single conversion. You should either decrease all of your bids down really low or pause the adgroup.

For example, a CPA offer pays me $20 per lead. I bid $0.20 for my keywords. So if after spending $20-$30 in PPC and I get zero conversion, then it is time to decrease all my bids down to the bare minimum or just pause the offer.

When to pause a keyword?

I’d like to have a few hundred clicks total before I go and start pausing keywords. Usually, about 50 clicks on a keyword without a sale/lead is not good and I would either decrease the bid or pause the keyword.

How often should you optimize your PPC campaigns?

When starting out, I recommend optimizing your new campaigns every day for the first few days.

Once you have established (highly optimized) money making campaigns, you can optimize every other day or even once a week. 


  1. I bought your WSO and really like it. Can you tell me where you find the best products to promote from either Clickbank or jvzoo? Do you have any suggestions for pickiung them? Didn’t see that in the training anywhere.

    1. In the part 3 guide and video, I talk about picking affiliate products for direct linking.

      Stick with those rules and simply promote EVERYTHING that you think is good.

      I promoted pretty much every category in clickbank and every niche possible. They can all make money.

  2. So i take it Bing is more happy for you to do affilate marketing not like Google…
    And there is no Q score bull which is good but do you find there is enough traffic with
    Bing ads and do you now yourself get email addresses from your clicks and build a list
    with your Ads im sure you must do it makes sense.

    1. Yes you are right, BingAds has way less restrictions for affiliate marketers than Google Adwords.

      Adwords is #1, and BingAds is #2. That’s a huge paid traffic source compared to any other out there (besides google of course).

      List building is good if you are good at building squeezepages. For those that are new, direct linking is faster and easier to work with. Thank you

  3. Hi.

    Just to confirm about adding “subid” to a JVZoo affiliate link: is it the same as adding it to the Warrior Plus link?

    Ie. You add /[subid] to the end of the affiliate URL?



  4. Hi Leon, hope all is well. I’m having trouble installing Prosper202 on iPage. Is there any tips you can give me to make this work. Prosper202 site is not to helpful. Thanks

    1. I don’t know your exact install problems so I cannot give you a proper reply.

      I never use ipage before. If you host doesn’t use CPanel, then installing p202 will be different from what I’ve shown in the video.

      I recommend Cpanel hosting for ease of p202 setup.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience through this course. What I am not clear is the following if bing and clickbank and others supply you with tracking details on the keywords you are bidding on…what is the advantage of using prosper 202? I may have missed it but why should I use prosper 202 for? or what are the advantages over just going through the details bing and clickbank give you? Hope I am clear with the question :). Thanks

    1. That is a valid question. And I’ve explained it in my video.

      There are certain restrictions on text characters and spaces when tracking through CB or CPA networks. Also as a security thing, you don’t want these affiliate networks to know your money keywords (keywords with high conversions).

      That is why Prosper202 is needed.

  6. Hey leon. I’m very interested in this project you’re doing. I do have one question. will I have to purchase the cpanel hosting first before you install the prosper 202?

  7. I’m confused about the direct linking and redirecting using your own domain. I didn’t see any examples of this in the training videos. What do you use for the display url and destination url, the direct link or your own domain?


    1. Hi Ron, thanks for purchasing.

      I don’t quite understand what your confusion is about.
      In the video I go over what to put in the bingads destination URL

      If you don’t understand it, I suggest watching the videos again.

      It’s a simple concept that may be confusion at first. But i’m sure you’ll get it soon.

    1. Hi Bret, even though bingads says it is okay for autoplay videos on landing pages, as long as there are video controls.

      I wouldn’t link to a page with autoplay videos though, unless it has a lot of text/picture content. Not just an autoplay video with no content.
      That’s just my opinion. Thanks for commenting!

  8. I’ve purchased a LOT of I.M. Products in the past, BUT, “Penny Per Click,” for the money paid, is the BEST I.M. Product I have EVER purchased. Leon Tran is very Professional and WAY over delivers on this product. EXCELLENT WORK!!!. Leon, do you have a Facebook or Twitter Account so we can follow you?.

    1. Hey Patrick, Thanks so much for supporting me.
      I really appreciate your kind words!

      I am not currently much active on twitter or on facebook.
      You can also follow me on this site which I am more active with,, and by subscribing to be on my email list.

      Thanks Patrick!

      1. Hi Leon, you’re VERY welcome. I mean exactly what I say, you’ve DEFINITELY earned my respect!. I’ll be subscribing to your list, have a great day!.

  9. Hi Leon,
    Just watched your video and it’s great but I have one question.
    You said we should remove a KW if there is no conversion after 50 clicks on it.
    I’d like to ask if that is too many for a KW? as I am in MMO niche, which is very competitive and bid rate often very high. And to reach 50 clicks per KW, I think I’d have to spend a lot.

    1. Hi Steven,

      The mmo niche is highly competitive, so there won’t be many cheap keywords. Stick with low bids and slowly increase until you get traffic.
      The more traffic data you have the better.
      If bids are too expensive, then cutting expensive keywords out early won’t help.
      So either avoid bidding on expensive keywords or start bids low first and see how that goes.


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