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Warrior Payments vs. WarriorPlus – Which is Better For Launching a WSO?

Ever since the WarriorForum got bought out by a few months back, things have been changing at the forum. The biggest change though, probably has to be the addition of Warrior Payments.


Warrior Payments works just like WarriorPlus, it is an IM marketplace, affiliate network, and payment system all in one. So like a clickbank for WSO products. So in a way, Warrior Payments wants members to launch WSO using the new system. This way, warriorforum can generate more revenue for themselves. That’s perfectly fine, it’s a business and they have the right to make money.

However, at the moment, WarriorPlus is still the king of accepting payments for WSO, and has vastly way more members (vendors and affiliates), and more features than Warrior Payments.

I am getting ready to launch a few WSO in September, and so far I am hesitant to try out the new Warrior Payments.

Why? It has to do with sales and conversion rates.

Here is briefly some stats of the top selling WSO in the last 30 days at Warrior Payments.


As you can see these top 4 products combined equals only 1610 sales.

Now lets take a look at WarriorPlus (below), here are just some of the many WSO that sold more than 1000+ sales in the last 30 days. And look at those conversion rates % compared to the top selling WSO from Warrior Payments!


WarriorPlus just blows Warrior Payments out of the waters, at least for now anyways. WarriorPlus seems to converts a lot better, and actually has more affiliates, and just overall sells better than Warrior Payments.

When I launch my next WSO, I will still be using WarriorPlus.

For those of you wondering, how to create a new WSO thread without using the default Warrior Payments system, here is the link:

After a couple of months, I will revisit this post and make updates with a new comparison.

If you have used the Warrior Payments to either launch your WSO or purchase a WSO, please leave a comment with your experience.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I am not an active member of the WarriorForum but its good to know of the changes that have taken place in the last couple of months. As to whether Warrior Payments vs Warrior Plus – which is better, I would suggest testimonials from VERY active users of both be read and decision be made from them!

    This post was found in kingged where it was shared and upvoted.

  2. You’re right Sunday. I know Warrior Forum but I am not also an active member. Only those who use/have Warrior Plus and Warrior Payment can say which is better, what is the difference and if it is any good.

    I am looking forward to hear their voice about this topic. It would help others to know more about the said website.

  3. I have not used Warrior payments yet, so I am not much help. For my WSO’s I’ve used my own system and W+. The other benefit of using W+ is that if you use the right keywords, they mail for you, to the list of people who set up alerts for those given keywords. Probably a good reason there is such a big difference in sales and traffic. Plus with WOTD potential, W+ right now has more benefits for sellers.

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