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The Best 3 Free WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Shops Online

If you are looking to sell something online be it digital goods or conventional goods, WordPress has made life very easy. Gone are the days when you need to spend hundreds of hours trying to find a custom solution to your ecommerce needs. At this stage of technology development, your e-store is a fingertip away.

In this post, I will be looking into 3 of the best WordPress Ecommerce plugins that you can use for your online shop. I have arranged them in no particular other and I do not have preference. What this means is that you are at liberty to go with whichever you want after all, they’re all free and they’re all good!

Here we go:


This plugin is recommended by themselves! This is a free full-featured shopping cart that can easily be added to any blog and takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

The developers think simplicity is beauty. I can’t agree more with this ideology. Take a good look.


Let’s see the positive, raving review of this plugin:

Again, simply is beautiful. If ease if us is of concern to you in developing your e-commerce setup, maybe, just maybe this might be the answer you have been looking for.

Here is another review:

“I wish I can rate 6 star to Ecwid! Such a great plugin for me to build my web store! I have tried a few other plugins, some of them are paid plugin, but none of them worked so well like the free version of Ecwid. My store look so clean and nice! I love Ecwid and would like you to use it if you haven’t.”

Another reviewer said:

“I recommend ecwid to all my clients who need a simple but full-featured shopping cart for WordPress. It combines the best of both worlds: hosted e-commerce solution with WordPress presentation of products.

It’s not as flexible as Shopp Plugin, but my clients are better off not having to deal with hosting and maintenance issues. Ecwid’s interface is very user friendly and easy to set up even for novice users.”


A WordPress eCommerce plugin developed by professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands.


Want to see how popular this is, check the review page:

Here is the review of a dude who tried it out:

“Installed without hitch … and the interface is nice and simple … I managed to work my way through it without much trouble.

I did have a problem because the response page was throwing up a 403 error … eventually, my hosting company admitted that it was their fault.

I’m really impressed with this plugin does the basics very well indeed.

I did purchase a third party plugin to link to the payment gateway … but that was about $40 … so all in all … very impressed!”


WordPress Simple PayPal shopping Cart

Allows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button for your product on any posts or pages.

Let’s see how popular this is:

That’s one dude saying he couldn’t be happier with the plugin than he is now. Without been biased, let the users decide if it’s worth their time or not!

Still want a review? Of course.


Final words

There are a million and one other plugins in the market. All of them come with their uniqueness and their flaws. I am sure many more Ecommerce plugins are available. I strongly suggest that you do your due diligence before deciding to use anyone of them. Some are obviously better suited for physical products or digital products than the others, it really depends on what you are selling and the payment methods you want to accept.

In addition, did you notice the style of this article? This is what you call content curation. If you don’t know what it is and want to know more about “curation”, comment on this article mentioning it. If you don’t understand what “curation” is, check a brief overview of what it is here:

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  1. Exciting picks I must say! The truth is that there are different types of ecommerce plugins out there, and the choice made will depend on what is desired of the ecommerce site. Another powerful plugin I find very impressive is the WooCommerce plugin by WooThemes!

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    Sunday – contributor

  2. Leon, the very concept behind Ecwid seems to be e-Commerce Widget and the simplicity creates a stress free, beautiful User Experience (UX) for the webmaster. I will definitely implement this one…thanks for the relentless research that you must do behind the scenes. You’ve been saving me a ton of web research and painful sorting and decision making. 🙂 have a healthy, wealthy day, friend. GD.

    1. Thanks Geoff. I’m glad you’ve found this post useful. I hope you have yourself a healthy, wealthy day as well 🙂

  3. When it comes to eCommerce site, the payment method is very crucial concern for every user and the service provider. And I personally believe, PayPal is the best method for making secure and hassle free payments.

    As PayPal is very trusted service for making payments in online world. And it is acceptable in most of the countries too. So, instead of using other less popular plugins for eCommerce site, I would recommend PayPal plugin.

    Although I have not used it anyway, but I am sure that it is very easy to integrate and to manage the payments. That’s what I say because of the quality and reputation of PayPal service.
    Anyways, thanks for listing other plugins too. It would be nice to explore those services too.
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  4. Ow, well, plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. So it’s great to use relevant and helpful plugins to run a business using WordPress. In eCommerce, since it’s one of the best ways to make money online, a plugin that works the best and very beneficial is the star. The list is nice and pretty sure marketers will give it a shot and observe if it works as well as they want it to be.

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  5. One thing you forgot to mention about Jigoshop is the great customer service. You can always get hold of someone and they’ve always been extremely helpful in my experience.

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