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Most people online earn their first money through freelancing work. I know I did. It’s a cool and safe way to make money and you can also learn a thing or two as well. I thought I will use this opportunity to list the top freelance websites online. This list is by no means definitive. It is purely based on my opinion. Moreover the list is not in any particular order. – Not too many freelance website can beat what’s going on here. It is just massive and combined with the fact that they bought out (one of the biggest webmaster forums online!). Take a look.

The design simply rocks. Simple, elegant and straight to the point. If you think this website is a wilderness, wait to see the kind of random jobs that get posted. This is just what I caught on their main page. They have a ton of other jobs if you just decide to peep in!

More than that is the mammoth stats!

Worth a look? You bet!


Odesk.comThis is another interesting website. It is packed full of job seekers and job posters. The reason is because the website is highly trusted and reputable among many webmasters, IMers, and freelancers. Have you seen the caliber of companies that trust them? I am not sure you can ever go wrong with them in your boat. Let’s take a look.

Odesk have a wide range of freelance categories:

Looking for people to hire? I don’t know if there is a better gathering of top quality freelance workers anywhere else.

That is about 58,000 freelance workers from a single search string! Is there scarcity of jobs? Unfortunately, mostly the very best freelancers get jobs here, those that have good ratings and low hourly costs.

Posting a job and managing a job is as easy as pie. Same goes for looking for a job.

Take a look for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a job you will enjoy doing. – This website is old and very well known. I have personally gone on this website before. They have a long history, happy job posters and of course, happy freelance workers too. Take a look:

Am I the only one that think this website is cool and welcoming? I love the elegant design. It’s simply beautiful. If you are looking for a job, you don’t have to look too far. If you are also searching for a job, your search will probably end here. With so many like-minded people  here, I think things shouldn’t be too difficult!

Can you believe that? $1 billion in earned revenue since the website started! That’s a LOT of freelance projects! Get a piece of that pie!

Speaking of which, it is super easy to get your job started. Actually, it’s a 3 step journey! See picture below. Also notice the testimonials too. Elance is simply a wonderful place to get work done.

There are other freelance sites out there along with the webmaster forums too. Let me know if anyone have found success with any of the 3 websites above. Personally, I feel you can’t go wrong with any of these freelance websites.

Please share your experience in the comment section.

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