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Highest Paying Youtube Monetization CPM Ad Rates Sorted by Countries

Top YouTube CPM Ad Rates

YouTube has become a lucrative platform for content creators to earn money through advertising revenue. One of the key metrics that determine how much creators can earn is the CPM (Cost Per Mille), which represents the amount advertisers pay for a thousand ad impressions. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the top YouTube CPM ad rates and estimate the potential earnings for creators.

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You can download the full CPM by countries list as CSV file, click here to download free.

Country CPM (USD) Views
Total 17.813 138,933
United States 47.66 22,911
Australia 39.021 1,980
Bermuda 32.5
United Kingdom 32.214 4,451
Finland 32.161
France 31.506 1,087
Canada 31.391 3,568
Switzerland 30.117 10
Virgin Islands (British) 29.333
Cameroon 29 75
New Zealand 28.641 22
Germany 26.582 1,807
Guam 26.333
Austria 26.143
Ireland 24.618 114
French Polynesia 22.571
Sweden 20.791 166
Netherlands 20.185 993
Belgium 19.748 22
Liechtenstein 19.5
Japan 19.17 11
Denmark 18.97 0
Spain 17.509 579
Singapore 16.998 49
Guatemala 16
Israel 15.896 56
Italy 15.757 622

As seen in the table above, the CPM rates vary significantly depending on the geography. The United States has one of the highest CPM rates, with advertisers willing to pay $47.66 for every thousand ad impressions. This means that creators in the US can potentially earn more revenue from their YouTube videos compared to creators in other countries.

On the other hand, countries like Japan and Denmark have relatively lower CPM rates, standing at $19.17 and $18.97 respectively. While these rates are lower compared to the US, creators in these countries can still generate revenue from their videos, especially if they have a large viewership.

It’s important to note that the number of views also plays a crucial role in determining a creator’s earnings. Even with a high CPM rate, creators need a significant number of views to generate substantial revenue. Additionally, factors such as audience demographics, content niche, and engagement levels can also impact earnings.

You can download the full CPM by countries list as CSV file, click here to download free.

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