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Why Every Business Big or Small Should Use Blogging to Their Advantages

blogging 1It is no longer a secret that blogging has come to stay. People who didn’t get on the bandwagon are now regretting their decisions. There is still enough time for anyone to begin to take advantage of this powerful tool for your business.

Blogging is a tool of communication. In fact, that was the whole idea of Web 2.0. If you sell any products or services online, this little guide will help you to take advantage of this movement. Once you understand this is a tool that can bring tremendous reward, it’ll be crazy not to apply this to your own business.

It is a well-known fact that people are likely to buy from whomever they trust. So the very first hurdle of blogging helps you to cross is the hurdle of trust. Now, let’s imagine that a visitor reads your blog post, it’s an interesting post and has a friendly voice. Now that the visitor is interested, they are more likely to be in a happier state to check out what your services and products are all about. 

At the end of the day, it is all about sales and conversion.

blogging 2Blogging helps to build your brand. The general idea of blogging is to speak in a voice your target market understands. When your voice is synonymous to a message, you begin to become identified with that voice. When this happens, your popularity begins to grow, your brand – your message begins to resonate with people. 

Blogging helps you make important connection in your circle which indirectly translate into sales for you. In any market, the guy with the loudest voice mostly makes the most sales simply because people believe that since his voice is the loudest, his product is better somehow than the other guys. 

With blogging, you have the rare opportunity to connect with like-minded people. When you do, they help join your campaign and your voice, your brand becomes louder. It’s called leverage. Leveraging this power is going to blow your sales through the roof.

Blogging helps give your website (products and services)  a face which translates into trust and in turn translate into conversion and then money. If you doubt this, why did you think Google started a blog? Why did CNN start blogging? BBC and other big brands in the world, you think they are just doing it because everyone is doing it? Heck no! They are doing it simply because it works. No questions about that. The columnists on this newspaper now have a page on the blogs. Their raving fans follow them and read whatever it is they are spitting out.

That’s the idea. Blogging helps sell your products and services!


  1. Hi Leon Tran,
    Blogs are these days an integral part of any business org.
    Though they have their official webpages, blog pages plays an important role in boosting their business.
    This post reveals some of the aspects of this side of business. As you said, it’s not a secret, that blogging has come to stay on and on!
    The main advantage is that here you can have a one to one communication that too an immediate one, that fastens ones business activities, and relationships.
    Almost all big and small business houses use this or practice this vital aspect of blogging for their business enhancement.
    This blog post speaks almost all on this line,
    Thanks Leon Tran for sharing this valuable piece here for the readers at kingged
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Hey Leon, I found this informative post at and posted this comment and kingged it;
    Keep writing

  2. All these are pertinent points. there is only one issue that I see: there are a lot of people out there who now join the Internet, such as craftsmen, butchers, lawyers, anyone with a relatively small business. Many of these do not really know how to write well enough to attract visitors (nor do they understand the intricacies of SEO). In the end, they land beyond the first ten, often beyond the first 100 search results. And it takes them too long to write a convincing story and if they do often it reads a bit “wooden” or like they copied every adage there was in their field. Outsourcing writing about their core business though is also not a good solution. So really, anyone who wants to use a blog to really get ahead (and not just get old at PR zero) needs to master SEO and writing skills too. Certainly a good challenge, but, from seeing the “results” around the web, not one that is taken seriously enough yet.

  3. In B2B, blogging is helpful and useful. These days, the number of businesses that has a blogging page is getting huge. With the power of digital or within this digital age, more and more entrepreneurs realized how it could change their brand and improve their sales.

    As we know, a blog is a great way to get visitors to come to your website, help bring in different kinds of customers, as well.

    The article shared more reasons why it helps brings customers and no hesitation the number of blogs for business will continue to grow.

    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

  4. Blogging is widely used tool to pass the traffic to money website and i see most of companies doing it, further i see google really likes blogs and if these are properly tagged it can do wonders.

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