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My Fiverr Case Study – Buying Facebook Fanpage Posts With Millions of Fans, Does it work?

Some time ago I did the fiverr solo ad experiment, exposing the truth about these solo ad sellers offering 100,000+ email  blasts for just $5!

Anyhow, recently I did another fiverr experiment where I buy facebook fanpage posts to see if this can bring some good traffic to my site.

Here it goes. 

On June 5, 2014 I purchased 5 different fanpage post services for $5 each. The gigs offer that they would post my message along with my link to their millions of fans. 


The link I had posted was a viral message, with a viral image, and a link to my viral website. This particular link had already been proven to go viral before. But even when posted to these fanpages and groups with supposedly millions of fans, the total visitors clicked through my link was just about a mere 1,651. But that’s not too bad, right?

Well, it’s actually quite terrible. The average user time spent on my page was 13 seconds with an average pageview of 1.18. And the traffic didn’t gradually come over time, it just happened all at once over the period of 1-2 days and then completely stop. Check out my analytics traffic stats (I used the google analytics UTM tracking, it’s free BTW, you should use it 🙂


I suspect the traffic I got were nothing more than bots and other fakeries.

 Normally, my “REAL” facebook visitors from my own fanpages spends minutes on my site with 2-6+ pageviews, it looks a little something like this:


So the point of this fiverr experiment goes to show you that, there are just some shady sellers on fiverr offering you services that just don’t work. Surprisingly, all of the fiverr gigs I’ve bought from had really good reviews, at least 4/5 star ratings. I’m not sure if these buyers know that they are getting low quality traffic from these fanpage promo sellers or not; or these buyers are just so happy to getting these high number of traffic, they just get blinded by it and are not properly tracking it. Hence, thinking they got a good bargain, left a good rating, and continue getting tricked.

So BEWARE, these Fiverr fanpage promo sellers offering 100,000s and even millions of fans, are just pure rubbish! Don’t even try it!

However, I am still a HUGE fan of fiverr, because there are a lot of other gigs that I really like and buy regularly. So nothing bad about fiverr, just some of the UNREALISTIC gigs promising the world are just purely scams.

Be careful my friends…

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