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Bluehost Review: Most Popular Cheap Web Hosting -The Good – Bad and Ugly

Overall Bluehost Rating: 4.2/5

In the world of web hosting, Bluehost is a name that often surfaces with a blend of admiration and a sprinkle of user grievances. Today, we’ll dissect both the glitter and the grit of Bluehost to see if it’s the right fit for your digital domicile.

Bluehost Review Ratings from Around the Web

Platform Rating
Trustpilot 3.7/5
PCMag 4/5
Forbes Positive
Capterra 4.2/5
Tooltester 4.5/5
TechRadar 4/5
G2 4.3/5
ZDNet 4.1/5
HostAdvice 4.5/5
HostScore 4.0/5

Who is Bluehost Anyway?

Founded in 2003, Bluehost has grown to become one of the leading hosting providers, powering over two million websites worldwide. They boast a range of hosting services from shared to dedicated servers, all out of their headquarters in Orem, Utah.

Features and Flexibility

Bluehost doesn’t skimp on features, offering everything from free SSL certificates to unlimited bandwidth on certain plans. Their cPanel is a gateway to easy management of your hosting environment, though it might offer more excitement than a sock sorting session for the tech-savvy crowd.

Performance and Uptime

The promise of a 99.99% uptime comes close to reality with Bluehost, though it occasionally dips into the 99.94% territory during peak times. Speed-wise, they are consistently above average but won’t break any land speed records.

Customer Support: A Mixed Bag

Support is available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone. While you might occasionally find yourself playing “hold music bingo,” the support staff is generally knowledgeable and friendly.

Pricing: Affordable but Watch for Renewals

Bluehost’s pricing structure is competitive at the entry level, but watch out for the renewal rates which might require a double-take at your bank statement. For the best deals, consider clicking through to their plans using our exclusive link here.

The Good and The Bad

  • The Good: Easy-to-use, great for beginners, excellent features.
  • The Bad: Renewal rates can surprise you, and tech support can be a bit of a rollercoaster.


In summation, Bluehost offers a robust platform that’s particularly friendly for beginners looking to host their first site. While they might not be the flashiest in the pack, they provide a solid service that balances cost and features well. For more details or to start hosting, check out their services through our special link.


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