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How to Send Bulk Emails With SMTP Rotation- MailWizz Review

Today I review Mailwizz, it is a self-hosted web-based mass email sending tool. Easily send bulk emails without paying expensive monthly fees. It costs around $10 to send 100,000 emails by using my recommended SMTP servers.

Try the mailwizz demo here:

Mailwizz Review, The Good Things:
-Lots of SMTP services integrations
-SMTP rotations
-Easy List Importing
-Has newsletter broadcast + autoresponder
-Can start your own bulk emailing service
-5 star ratings + Great Support
-Too many features
-No more monthly emailing fees

Mailwizz Review, The Bad Things:
-Steep Learning Curve to Setup

If you want to try out Mailwizz , I’d appreciate it if you
grab it through my affiliate link here:

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