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The Principle of Internet Marketing in 2014

Ever heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’? if you don’t believe it, that ignorance may cost you a few thousand dollars or even a few million dollars together with a large chunk of time – time you could have used to make more profit, spend with your loved ones or just doing whatever you love doing. This post is going to be life changing for you. Trust me on this.

These are the literal lessons I have learnt after doing IM for years. They are evergreen. They apply to online businesses, offline businesses and life in general. In fact, I strongly believe that the law of life are constant irrespective of where (aspect of your life) you are applying them to.


Nothing In Business Is Constant

You read that right. Life is evolving. Business is evolving although the rules remain the same. The principles of business remain the same but the tactics in business change with time. Do you remember the days when even a 10yr old kid could rank a site on within days no matter the competition? I wish those days never went by. How about the days when you could bid pennies on the dollar for google adwords and get uber-targeted traffic? If you have been since the new century, those memory should still be intact. (I kid, I kid). But, my point in, those things are long gone.

Gone are the days when you can just throw a couple of links together and get page one ranking. If you try that in our day and age, your website will disappear to the bottom of the search engine or be taken away totally. More recently, even guest posting which is supposed to be the milk of new bloggers to garner quality links to their websites have been rendered useless by the mighty google.

To put things into perspective, I remember the years not too long gone by when you could just scrap bunch of email addresses on the internet using a script and spam them to death. In those days, there was nothing like spamming. It wasn’t illegal. It was widely accepted as the norm. In fact, I have heard a couple of persons who became millionaires doing just that.

Fast forward to 2014, if you try that, you are playing with jail time. See how much has changed since then? If you held on to the tactics of years past, you will sink in the ocean of the modern day. Things are moving fast, learn to move along!

Follow The Money

This isn’t hard. Just follow the money, don’t even think about it. Does that sound like today’s reality? From the advent of the internet and internet marketing, the formula for making money has always been:

Targeted Traffic + Solid Offer = $$$

Has that changed in 2014? Absolutely not. Remember I said tactics change every time but principles do not? The same principle that backed booming businesses during the days of the ‘mail order’ is still the same principle backing today’s business on the internet. Follow the money, put your offer where the ‘right’ eyeballs will see it. Years back, it was public boards, then forums, then online groups. Nowadays, the locations have changed but the gatherings remain. We now have facebook, twitter, search engines and even mobile applications.

Fully armed with this knowledge, all you need to do is focus on where your potential customers are and take your offer directly to them. Notice now that there is an increased publicity about facebook ad? Guess why people keep pouring thousands upon thousands of dollar into facebook marketing? It’s simply because it works, no more no less. Follow thee wave. Don’t sit back. The tactics keep changing, the principles remain the same!

Did you enjoy this? I’ve got more to come!

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  1. Yes, nothing in business is constant and it is hopeful that marketers ensure that they brace up for change at any time. This is how the best businesses survive and this is how Internet marketers get by to build the best businesses around.

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    Sunday – contributor

  2. Internet marketing is where I want to really have a good ground that’s why I jump on any post that is got something to say on the topic with relish..

    As the day breaks so does the trend in marketing take a different shape with new startegy and method, it is pertinent that any marketer be willing to embrace this change and move with the trend as otherwise will have you crawling behind..

  3. I concur that Nothing In Business Is Constant. Well, nothing is constant but change and let’s accept the rapid pace of change. Change is sometimes tiring, however, if marketers brace up, good outcome will come at last. I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – where this post was found.

  4. Nice insights here!

    I agree that there’s nothing constant in business. As the world and the human race are evolving, the business is doing the same thing too.

    As what I’ve read from the passage above, the business principles may remain the same, but the strategies in the business will change and vary from time to time.

    So, for this year, I guess you should research and look for the trends. Find the best tactics that fits for your internet marketing, and be prosperous! 🙂


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