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Top 100 Free Sites to Make Money Online With (Part 1)

Top 100 FREE Sites to Make Money Online With!

This Money Making list is huge! So I am splitting this into 3 parts. Click the link to view the parts in order. IntroductionPart 1Part 2Part 3 

Play Games For Rewards & Cash

Like to play games AND make some extra money along the way? Then these sites are for you! 

ANNO1777 – Make Money Playing This Game
BlockFaucet – Multiplayer Bitcoin Faucet Game
Gamesville – Play Free Online Games For Rewards
GSN Cash Games – Play Online Games for Money
Paid Gamer – Play Games for Cash

Real Work At Home Jobs

These are some real jobs you can do from home which have a wide range. Yes, you can make money selling plasma, your trees, and even your friendship!

10 Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone

101 Companies That Hire Remote Workers
Agent Anything – Do less. Accomplish more.

Billing Services Group – Customer Service From Home
ClickChores – Trusted micro jobs site

ClickNwork – Find Online Work

Convergys – Home Agent Careers

DionData Solutions – Work At Home Jobs

HEA-Employment – Get a Work At Home Job

Income Booster

Indeed – Job Search

LeadGenius – Data Researcher

Leapforce Work At Home Current Opportunities
LionBridge – Find Work At Home Jobs
LiveOps – Work From Home

Lyft – Make up to $35hour with Car and Cell Phone
Making Money – Flea Markets,Garage Sales,Swap Meets
Microworkers – work and earn or offer a micro job
Mystery Shopper Jobs – Become a Secret Shopper
NAUPA – Find Unclaimed Property

Next Job at Home

Outsourcely – Helping Skilled Remote Workers Find Jobs

Postmates – Ride or Drive with Postmates

Rat Race Rebellion – Real Work at Home Jobs
Remote Jobs: Customer Service, Developer, Sales and
More – Friend For Free And Get Paid
Second To None Shopper Hub – Mystery Shopper – Sell Your Trees
TaskRabbit – Do Local Tasks for Cash
TeleTech At Home – Technical Support Jobs
Turo – make money renting your car

Uber – Make Money with a Car and Cell Phone
WAHM – Work at Home Job Listings
West at Home – Work At Home Jobs

Work From Home Telephone Mystery Shopper
Zaarly – Get Paid To Do Local jobs

Crowdfunding For Raising Cash

Why are crowd funding sites on the list. If you have an idea for something or a project, you are free to list it on these sites. If you want to be able to make a movie, novel, or even get a new roof – you can list it here.

This doesn’t mean you will get anything, but hey, it is worth a try!

Booster – Free Crowdfunding Platform
GoFundMe – Crowdfunding
Indiegogo – Crowdfunding to Raise Money
Kickstarter – Crowdfunding For Cash
Pozible – Crowdfunding Creativity

Freelancing Opportunities

What freelancing is, basically, someone is too busy to do simple tasks (or large tasks) and do what is called “outsourcing”.

They are willing to pay someone to do the work. If you have a talent in some areas you may be on the road to a new career. If not, you may want to pass them by. Some need some pretty brain dead work which doesn’t pay much BUT it all adds up.

The way most freelancing sites work is you bid on the job to be done or the job is listed with an amount for the work. Some just list jobs and you pick which ones you want to do.

Each site is different and you need to READ the requirements. Some you just do the job and get paid when you turn it in. Other pay you by the hour and you clock in and do the work using their interface.

In today’s economy, there is a TON of third world people who will do just about anything for pennies. They are ALL on the freelancing sites it seems.

So don’t expect big money until you develop a name for yourself and have some good work under your belt. Like anything else, time may bring good things to you.

So if you like this type of thing, you will work for next to nothing until you build enough of a reputation to ask for more money. Maybe…

On some of the freelancing sites you can pay a fee to be “upgraded” this means you get to make more per job. This is a dicey proposition and usually not worth it.

The biggest gripe I hear about freelancing sites is the low pay. Look at it this way, for example, if you can write 10 articles per day for $2 each – that is a $20 bill you didn’t have before.

Even if it took you a bit of time to do, it is more than you had before right?

The other thing which keeps most people from freelancing sites is the “I can’t do any of that”. You would be shocked at people who do this and have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT!

If you can write something where someone else can understand it in ENGLISH, you are heads above most on these sites.

These tasks are not just in writing; but graphics, pictures, digital art, web site work, working with Excel, and a variety of other areas. If you are an Excel whiz, you may have found you new career.

If you work the sites and become “known” as a good provider of a service, you can possibly make a good income in TIME. Nothing of any value comes overnight right?

Don’t just discount these without at least trying a few of them. You may be able to make money doing things you didn’t think you could.

Appen – Work From Home Freelance
Digital Point – Services Marketplace

Elance – Earn Money Freelancing
Fiverr – Do Things For 5 dollars
Fourerr – Do Things For 4 Dollars
Freelance Switch – Freelance Job Listings
Freelancer – Find Freelance Jobs
Freelancermap – Freelancer jobs and projects no fees
GhostBloggers – Blog For Cash

Gigbucks – Micro Jobs from $5 to $50
Guru – Freelance Jobs

Hubstaff Talent – Hire Freelancers Remote Workers
iFreelance – Find Freelance Jobs
Lead Genius – Work At Home

Microworkers – Freelance Jobs
People Per Hour – Freelance Jobs
Project 4 Hire – Freelance Online Jobs
SEOClerks – SEO Marketplace

ShortTask – Freelance Jobs


TenBux – Freelance Jobs

Upwork – Freelance Jobs

Workhoppers – Freelance, contract or part time work

You are currently viewing part 1 of the top 100 sites to make money with.

Click to view the next part of this list.

IntroductionPart 1Part 2Part 3 


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