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FREE List of 100 Sites to Make Money Online With

I created this FREE list of 100 sites to make money online with.  I have one single intent in mind – to help someone to make their first dollar online. Once you actually make money online, it gets addictive!

I have shared these links with many close friends and relatives to help them make a bit of cash. Some took the initiative and did well while others…

Yes, there is an effort involved in these links, there is no free lunch. I do still use some that are “easy” though.

When I started this online adventure, everyone thought I was crazy. Nobody understood what I was trying to accomplish or how I was doing it. They still don’t today either.

In my own search for making money at home online, I have tried a LOT of different things. Each one of these topics are promising “success” and LOTS of easy money.

  • Being an affiliate
  • Being a product creator
  • Selling on Ebay & Amazon
  • List building
  • MLMs
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • and a few other things

The one thing I have found in all of this is there is NO easy way to make money at home. At least not the “quit your job” type income.

Yes, you can make a lot of money doing all of the things listed above. You do have to invest a LOT of time, effort, and money to achieve any kind of success with them. You also have to have a talent for them.

Anybody can write a book nowadays and get it published online. Not everyone has the talent to write a good book that will be a best seller though.

I am not saying you will go from rags to riches using the links in on this page. I don’t live in a fancy house or drive an expensive car either.

I found the sites listed in this report through hundreds of hours of sifting and testing them out. At the time I wrote this post, they all do pay and work. I will also share some insights on making money at home online and some tips along the way.

There is NO guarantee of any link listed here will bringing you fame or fortune. None of the links in this post will cure baldness, remove famine, or probably bring you millionaire wealth status.

If you don’t at least click any of the programs linked in this post and then ACTUALLY use them, I guarantee you will make NOTHING!

I know they work and you can start today, right this minute and may have some cash in your account today.

Isn’t that what you are looking for?

To continue in honesty, there are a few sites in this list which you can make some serious coin IF, (BIG IF) you have the talent, determination, and intestinal fortitude to stick with them.

So without further ado, here we GO!

This list contains a WIDE variety of sites where you can make money from doing simple tasks. Some of them may even be things you already LOVE to do anyway.

These range from surveys, clicking and seeing ads, playing games, local tasks, doing things with your cell phone, shopping, taking pictures, writing, and other “weird” ways to make money without a job.

All of these sites I have either used myself or gotten from trusted sources. They DO pay and do work.

At the time of this post, all the links are working.

*Please leave a comment if you found some links not working or want to share your experience with any of these. Thank you!

Let’s finally begin!

Making Money with Amazon

Amazon has a lot more to offer than just buying stuff. You can actually work for this mega-giant from home doing certain tasks and services. There are also other online opportunities they offer.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Seller Central Associates – Affiliate Program

Fulfillment by Amazon – Benefits

Handmade at Amazon – Amazon Services

Mechanical Turk – Do Small Tasks For Pay Merch by Amazon

Working at Amazon – Jobs and Careers at Amazon

Answering Questions for Money

Some of these sites have few, if any, requirements. Some will actually have you take a test on the topic you want to answer questions on. You usually get paid on answering the questions correctly. So no BS answers. Unlike Yahoo answers, you make money from answering them correctly.

Ask Me Fast – Get Paid To Answer Questions

Just Answer – Answer Questions For Money

LoveToKnow – Answer Questions For Money

TipDrop – Answer Questions for Cash

Cell Phones For Fun And Profit

EasyShift, Field Agent, and Gigwalk are my favorites since they have many local things to do for a few dollars. Check them daily and you can make a few dollars a day using them.

There are also sites where they list jobs in your area you can complete for a few dollars each.

These are for Android and/or iOS (sorry Blackberry and Windows Phone users!)(Some may not work in all areas)

12 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Earn Extra Money
App Trailers – Earn From Seeing Apps
CheckPoints – The App That Pays You Back
Earnably – Earn Instant Rewards Online

EasyShift – Earn Cash With Your Cell Phone
Field Agent – Cell For Research and Cash
Gigwalk – Make Money For Local Tasks

Glyde: Buy and sell your games, iPads, iPhones and more
Ibotta · Cash, Not Coupons

Icon Zoomer – Pictures Using Cell to Make Money
Instant Rewards Earn Cash, Prizes and Giftcards
Jingit – Earn While Shopping With Your Cell Phone
Media Insiders – Let them watch your cell for cash
Mobee – Mystery Shopping, Online Surveys Mobile Surveys

ReceiptHog – Snap Receipts. Earn Rewards.
Rewardable – Get Paid While You Shop

ScreenPay – Monetize your Lock Screen

This Money Making list is huge! So I am splitting this into multiple parts.

Click the link to view the other parts in order.

Part 1Part 2Part 3 


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