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Free Simple PHP Link Rotation Script – Random URL Rotator

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to rotate links on your website? Try this simple free PHP Link Rotation Script that is perfect for managing multiple links efficiently. This script randomly redirects visitors to one of several predetermined URLs, making it an excellent tool for affiliate marketing, A/B testing, or simply sharing multiple resources with your audience.

What is the PHP Link Rotation Script?

The PHP Link Rotation Script is a small piece of PHP code that randomly chooses a link from a list of URLs you provide and redirects the visitor to that link. This is particularly useful for websites that need to distribute traffic evenly among several landing pages or external sites.

How to Use this free php Script

Using the script is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download and Edit the Script

First, you need to download the free link rotator script or copy the code below. The script comes with a default set of links, which you can easily change to suit your needs, by removing/adding more links if you want. Open the script in any text editor and you will see this php code:

// Define your links here
$links = [

// Select a random link
$randomLink = $links[array_rand($links)];

// Redirect to the selected link
header('Location: ' . $randomLink);

Replace the example URLs with your own links. Make sure each link is enclosed in quotes and separated by a comma.

Step 2: Upload the Script to Your Server

Once you have edited the script, save the file and upload it to your web server. You can name the file anything you like, but for this example, we will use linkrotate.php.
You can reuse this code and have multiple link rotators for different groups of links for example: linkrotate1.php , affiliate2.php , products3.php , etc.

Step 3: Test Your Link Rotator

To test the script, simply visit (replace with your actual domain name). Each time you visit this URL, you should be redirected to one of the links you have specified in the script.

We hope you find this PHP Link Rotation Script useful for your website. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to manage multiple URLs efficiently without using any plugins or bulky apps.


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